Red Cross celebrated

The Cayman Branch of the British Red Cross joined a worldwide celebration of International Red Cross Day recently.

Fundraising thermometer

Invited guests in front of the huge fundraising thermometer painted by clients of the Probation aftercare unit. Photo: Jewel Levy

At the headquarters invited guests witnessed the unveiling of a fundraising thermometer, they also heard a historical perspective by life member Janilee Clifford, HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Stephan Nickelson and Red Cross Patron the Governor Mr. Stuart Jack.

Mrs. Mariko Jack read the remarks on behalf of her husband the Governor.

‘In Cayman we are better prepared against a number of disasters because the Red Cross through activities in the school and wider communities has inspired our awareness and personal involvement.

‘The ability to encourage people to take action, in my opinion, is one of the key strengths of the Federation and its society,’ read Mrs Jack.

‘Therefore this year’s international Red Cross day appropriately focuses on the power of partnerships stressing the need for stronger local and global alliance in order to meet today’s growing humanitarian challenges.

‘Today’s observance highlights the fact that solid coordination and better partnerships can reduce the impact of challenges such as catastrophes, conflicts, health emergencies poverty and migration.

‘It requires a constant effort from government, donors, humanitarian agencies, private sector and individuals,’ she said.

‘The greater sum of working together far outweighs the path of our individual efforts.

‘While I thank every volunteer and sponsor of the Cayman Islands Red Cross for their support and contributions I encourage those gathered to spread the word about the satisfaction derived from the work.

‘Plant the seed of sponsorship in another organisation; plant the seed of volunteerism in another person and our communities will reap the benefit,’ concluded Mrs Jack.

Red Cross Chairman Peter Milburn highlighted various programmes; work with corporations, schools, training, disaster preparedness in the communities and fundraising. Mr. Milburn also said the centre was still short on its aimed target of $200,000 for the year with only $65,000 collected.

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