Supermarkets support healthy living

You newcomers to Cayman will not recall this, but many of us long-time residents and people of Cayman will – how most grocery shopping took place at Kirk Plaza market in the downtown section of George Town.

Modern banks and buildings now grace the sidewalk. Of course, many fondly remember Comart with its lunch-time crowds, cool drinks and island-made delicacies nicely tempting at the check-out.

Today, Cayman can boast when it comes to supermarkets and the quality and variety of products available. They serve a vastly diverse cross-cultural selection of people who can easily stroll the aisles for ingredients in Thai, Chinese, Mexican, English, Indian, Spanish, Jamaican, Italian and French culinary delights.

Produce is displayed in abundance and colour. Fish from the far reaches of Alaska glistens in display cases and customers are offered a huge variety of choice. We’ve come a long way.

Smart supermarkets are waking up to the fact that healthy eating and specific health-promoting products are in high demand by consumers. Low-gluten breads, organic products, vegetarian meals, dairy alternatives and free-range, non-hormone injected eggs and chickens are some products now available.

Supermarket managers are more than happy to investigate and order new products upon demand from customers.

At Kirk’s Supermarket, Renrick Christian has been interested in customer health requests and instrumental in bringing in the products in demand.

In addition, Kirk’s facilitates healthy eating practices by allowing this writer/health consultant to cruise the aisles choosing healthier products to use as teaching tools in wellness classes run for adults, families and teens.

Hard core coffee drinkers were thrilled to discover the taste and texture of Body, Mind and Soul Organic coffee. Teens test lower-fat Soya chocolate puddings instead of high-fat, high-sugar varieties. Each week, a healthy choice item is presented in Lifestyles groups thanks to Kirk’s.

Some argue that healthy eating costs too much. Can we afford not to eat healthy and take care of our bodies? Avoid having a ‘scarcity mentality’ when it comes to good food and healthy eating.

You and I deserve to eat well and to our good health. Get involved in your own health today. For more information and help, contact Lifestyles with Donna at [email protected].

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