CNN headline irresponsible

Allow me to congratulate you on this occasion for not emulating the Cayman Net News in designing an unnecessarily-emotive front-page headline such as “Students set off explosive” (Cayman Net News; 11th-13th May).

We can well do without a National Enquirer approach to journalism in Cayman and I trust that any publication worth its salt is in its dying throes if it has to resort to dramatic, irresponsible headlines like these to make a sale.

The article itself was responsibly prepared, but then the editor, in his wisdom, chose to add on an insensitive, irrelevant paragraph at the end, reminding us all of the recent tragic events at the Virgin Tech School.

Apart from the sad details of this needless reference, the unfortunately inept spelling also suggests a lack of professionalism.

In closing, it is interesting to note the Net News Editorial Policy, which states…….”Cayman Net News is a forum to promote social/economic development, better understanding and unity among all the people of the Cayman Islands.”

Yeah, right !

B. Wilson

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