Given up on litter

Please allow me space to voice my concerns with regards to litter on the island.

The recent Earth Week was duly paid attention to and a very good job was seemingly done.

However I think that only the prominent and obvious areas of the island are cleaned up each year. I am getting increasingly disturbed by the large scale dumping that happens in the more off the beaten track areas.

The two places that offend me most are hardly hidden away.

The first is the bluff at Pedro St. James.

Today I was treated to an old hot water tank nestling in the bushes, swiftly followed by an old ride-on mower plus another old hand mower (someone’s got a pretty darned tidy yard now), both to be found in several rusty pieces and right on the roadside.

A little farther on there is an old fridge (or maybe even two of them, its such a mess there) an old printer and an assortment of empty five gallon tubs to name but a few.

Now you add to that delightful eye-full what seems to be the contents of several dustbins all strewn around the area to include bottles, cans, plastic bottles, plastic bags, plastic backed nappies, durex, fast food containers – you name it, its there.

By anyone’s standards it’s a deeply offensive and extraordinarily unpleasant sight.

It totally spoils a beautiful part of the island.

Now remember that this is an area often frequented by tourists who go on to explore the bluff having enjoyed Pedro St. James….what a memory they take away with them.

The other area is the end of Leeward Drive in North Sound Estates, by the boat ramp.

A few months ago someone (I imagine the Department of Environmental Health) placed two large oil drums for litter, all nicely lined with black plastic.

Perfect, I thought.

Then some joker threw them in the sea where they bobbed about for a bit, then sank; a brilliant master stroke of pollution.

Mind you they weren’t the total answer as for the short time they were in existence, a large number of people obviously ignored them.

Wait! There’s more to this sorry report… an old mattress is to be seen, all slimy and mouldy, and yet another rusty old fridge, are residing unhappily in the waters of the MRCU canals just off North Sound Estates.

What sort of person does all this?

What’s in their heads?

I recognise that visiting the landfill is a challenge in its own right, but surely, deep down, everyone knows it’s the right place to go for big items.

And that your home garbage can is the right place for your personal litter.

I used to do my bit, in a small way, by picking up after these people but frankly, I have given up.

Penny Clifford

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