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Shark killings on the rise in Cayman waters

The number of sharks being killed in Cayman’s waters is increasing, with 27 reported killed as of 26 Aug. compared to 16 in 2019.

Elect MPs who prioritise the environment

Cayman truly is a jewel: our beaches, our wetlands, our mangroves, our undisturbed green spaces, our coral reefs, underwater world and our wildlife on...

Natural and man-made problems cast shadows over Seven Mile’s future

Sea-level rise and storm impacts pose a serious long-term threat to the viability of Seven Mile Beach as a national recreational asset, the Department of Environment has warned.

Vote to preserve Cayman’s culture and environment

I have lived in Cayman for over 80 years. And I am now saddened by the recent onslaught on our natural environment and cultural...

Poll: What is the most pressing environment concern?

What is the most pressing environmental issue in the Cayman Islands you would like to see candidates address if elected?

Putting a price on nature

A new project aims to calculate the economic value of some of the services provided by Cayman's natural ecosystems in an effort to elevate the standing of the environment in planning and development decisions.

Interactive: The changing face of Cayman, 1958 versus 2018

A series of aerial images of Cayman through the decades shows how quickly the island has changed and how dramatically that has impacted the landscape.

Starfish emerge in numbers in North Side

Popular nature attraction Starfish Point has seen a resurgence of its namesake animal during the COVID-19 lockdown, and the Department of Environment is urging the public to take extra care when visiting the site.

Report calls for ‘green stimulus’ to drive post-COVID-19 recovery

Environmental watchdogs are calling on government to "seize the moment" and create a greener post-COVID Cayman.

Environmental education focus group established

Cayman’s environmental organisations have joined forces to create a special education focus group to provide curriculum-linked outdoor teaching activities for the local community.

HRC celebrates youth involvement in key social issues

Newly appointed Human Right Commission chairman Dale Crowley commends Cayman’s young people for getting involved in issues not only impacting local shores, but the world at large.

CCMI programme inspires students

The seven-year-old Young Environmentalist Leadership Course is designed to expose more Caymanian students to the possibilities of a career related to the marine environment, whether that’s working in the local dive industry, becoming a research scientist or something in between. 

Cayman plastic plume startles harbour patrol

Delwin McLaughlin has been boating on the waters around Cayman for many years, but what he saw last Thursday stunned him: a floating stream of plastic more than a mile long in the ocean west of George Town.

Performing arts camp inspires students

The Cayman Arts Trust provided its first free performing arts camps this summer for children attending Cayman’s government schools. George Town Primary School hosted the programme, which covered two weeks of activities.

Jessop: A more integrated approach to the environment

Last week, the United Nations published a document which indicated that historically unprecedented levels of human activity were causing dramatic changes to the variety of plant and animal life in the world.

Rahn: Eat endangered species

Under the current system, a landowner finding an endangered species on his or her property has a strong incentive to kill it before the government becomes aware that it is on the landowner’s property, which they then might lock up.

The cat

Today's editorial cartoon

Letter: Supermarkets, please help reduce plastic waste

I would also recommend that [supermarkets] use paper containers that are more eco-friendly and are compostable.

Letter: Destroy eggs to control green iguana population

Why not research the possibility of tackling the problem by dealing with the up to 70 or so eggs laid by every female iguana during a year?

EDITORIAL – The A’s, B’s, and C’s of the world’s disappearing honeybees

Cayman should be cautious whenever we start tinkering with complex ecosystems. When it comes to Nature, “In God We Trust” might be a reasonable motto. No doubt, God knows what He’s doing – but it’s not at all certain that man does.

Mosquito Research and Control Unit appoints new director

The Mosquito Research and Control Unit announced on Tuesday that it has appointed James McNelly as its new director.

Beach trash

Today's editorial cartoon

Letter: Protect Cayman’s waters

This past visit, it was really apparent to me something needs to be done with respect to protecting the waters, the creatures and the reefs from too many tourists that have no clue or respect.

EDITORIAL – When withholding the truth has consequences

As representatives of the public’s interest, government’s first impulse must be to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

Bodden Town Mission House gets pre-Christmas makeover

The Mission House in Bodden Town got a pre-Christmas makeover Monday by members of the Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing.

The ocean’s deadliest predator

Today's editorial cartoon

Protecting marine life is a matter of survival

Spearfishing is only one part of a large variety of ways that I believe we must change our take from the reefs if we hope to solve this problem before it is too late for our most important, most endangered species.

EDITORIAL – Conservation Law: Revisiting an ‘unnatural disaster’

The salient question in our minds is whether lawmakers should overhaul the existing law … or scrap it completely and start over.

Premier is correct: sections 41 and 43 of National Conservation Law are ridiculous

The provisions of sections 41 and 43, in my opinion, do not meet the test, mandated by the Constitution, of a reasonable balance between protecting the environment and development for the benefit of the Islands.

Governments play a role in paving way for electric vehicles

Fortunately, the Cayman Government is playing its part with plans which include for zero duty on EV’s for a five-year period.

800-pound parrot

EDITORIAL – ‘Road kill’: The impact of the impact assessment

The political cliché “There’s plenty of blame to go around” does not apply to the controversy now swirling around the announcement by the National Conservation Council’s unanimous decision to require an environmental impact assessment before the “Ironwood road” can proceed.

Eco-friendly ways of making wine

Environmental sustainability has become common in the production of many consumer goods over the past two decades and it is no different in the wine industry.

EDITORIAL – Head-on collision: New highway and environmental law

A highway is plotted directly through the “ecological heart of Grand Cayman.” On one side are elected leaders who support the project. On the other are officials charged with protecting the environment. What we have here, folks, is a high-stakes game of chicken.

Report reveals staggering scale of iguana problem

Contract hunters would need to cull nearly 200,000 green iguanas per year at an estimated cost of more than $1 million to make an impact on the exponentially increasing population of the invasive species.

Enforcement officers fighting poaching

Environment officials are concerned about an apparent rise in poaching despite new legislation increasing the powers of conservation enforcement officers and providing new legal protection for a variety of species.

EDITORIAL – Force of ‘nature’: An activist on the public payroll

Any “environmentalist” worth his or her salt is a fierce soldier, eager to take up arms against perceived adversaries. Remember that if your battle cry is “save the environment,” it must be saved from someone — that is, other humans.


Cayman Islands could join Branson’s energy challenge

The Cayman Islands government is in discussions with Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room initiative to make Cayman part of the “Ten Island Challenge,” which seeks to help small islands move away from fossil fuels.

EDITORIAL – Required reading for landfill neighbors (i.e. most of us)

The Cayman Islands government might prefer that voters forget about the existence of the George Town Landfill and the latent health threats it poses. We doubt that will happen.

Immigration: Cuban boat in South Sound will be moved

An abandoned Cuban boat that has been beached in South Sound since May 6 will be removed within a few days, Cayman Islands Immigration Department officials said Monday.

EDITORIAL – ‘Tip of the spear’: The Conservation Council’s conflicts

When it comes to the National Conservation Council and its potential conflicts, we feel that concerns over fishing methods and fish species may end up being just “the tip of the spear.”

Conservation Council in spear conundrum

The National Conservation Council has raised concerns that its responsibility for renewing spear fishing licenses may conflict with its legal duty to protect threatened fish species.

Rubis station to be demolished; answers sought on fuel spill

The Rubis station on Shedden Road will be empty by Friday, and demolition will start immediately as workers and several companies seek the origins, age and size of the fuel spill underneath the premises.

Breeding season: What to do if you discover a baby bird

While the Cayman Turtle Farm’s resident reptiles are its star attractions, the West Bay facility’s exhibits also include a popular aviary and other animal displays.

Fuel spill contaminated drinking water for at least one property

A fuel spill on Shedden Road close to the Rubis gas station contaminated drinking water to a nearby property, according to the Water Authority.

Guy Harvey, SeaWorld team up to save sharks

In a new partnership, Guy Harvey is teaming up with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment to work on raising awareness and doing research on shark conservation.

Coral ‘trees’ planted to build up Cayman’s reefs

Conservationists are planting several coral “trees” in Grand Cayman’s waters this week to help build up the reefs, thanks to a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the ocean environment.

Engineers sought for cruise berthing design

Advertisements are to appear in local and international media Wednesday seeking proposals for civil engineering design work for the proposed cruise berthing facility.

Enormous recovery for green sea turtles

Green sea turtle nests have registered an enormous recovery on Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf coasts, as well as, according to Cayman’s Department of the Environment, on local beaches.

CCMI scientists share research with top ecologists

Central Caribbean Marine Institute researchers recently joined some 400 top marine ecologists at the 45th Benthic Ecology Meeting in Portland, Maine, to present their findings on Cayman’s marine ecosystems.

Coral restoration expert joins CCMI

A coral restoration expert has joined the Central Caribbean Marine Institute in Little Cayman to help the research organization as it works to protect coral reefs and discover ways to help restore those ecosystems.

Mangrove planting proposed to help tackle Kaibo erosion

The Department of Environment is proposing to plant mangroves in a bid to stop erosion of Kaibo Public Beach, attendees of last week’s North Side District Council meeting heard.

Talk sheds light on mangroves

A hands-on presentation on the local mangrove population was one of the latest events taking place on Cayman Brac marking Earth Month.

A busy Earth Month ahead for Cayman Brac

Earth Month activities kicked off on Cayman Brac with a cleanup at Public Beach.

Beach rocks

Smallest-ever lionfish caught in tournament

Lionfish cullers braved windy conditions over the weekend to pull in a near-record haul, including the smallest lionfish ever caught in Cayman’s waters.

Cuban boat abandoned and decaying on Beach Bay

El Arca landed at Beach Bay Jan. 31. More than 30 people squeezed aboard the estimated 24-foot wooden sailboat for the journey from Cuba to Honduras, where the refugees could travel north by land to the United States.

CCMI: Reefs face bigger threats than Allen’s yacht

Damage caused to a Cayman Islands coral reef by Paul Allen’s mega-yacht is troubling and ironic, but it is far from the greatest threat facing the fragile ecosystem, according to the head of Little Cayman’s Central Caribbean Marine Institute.

Nature Cayman offers up the best of the Brac

Rustic and charming Cayman Brac, first settled in 1833, offers up an array of activities for visitors to experience.

National Trust social a chance to meet the Council

The Little Cayman District for the National Trust is hosting a social open to existing members and also those interested in finding out more about the Trust’s work.

Killing Cayman’s coral

When will the government do something to prevent the destruction of coral and the environment in the Cayman Islands?
Paul Allen's yacht Tatoosh is blamed for anchor damage to the reef in the West Bay replenishment zone. - PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER

Mega-yacht owner plans reef restoration

Representatives of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen say he has developed a remediation plan to help restore damaged reef impacted by his 300-foot mega-yacht Tatoosh.

Bird food raises money for blue iguanas

Visitors who hand fed birds at the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm have helped raise $1,324 for the Cayman Blue Iguana Recovery Program.

Trust sets sights on Cayman Brac’s parrot habitat

The recent launch of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands’ Land Reserve Fund campaign will focus on conservation of dry forest land.

Researchers keep tabs on grouper sites

The numbers of Nassau grouper seen at protected spawning sites around the Cayman Islands are slowly increasing, according to researchers working on an ongoing monitoring project.

Environmentally friendly office building opens at Camana Bay

The grand opening of a new Class A office building at Camana Bay, called 18 Forum Lane, was celebrated with a reception and ribbon-cutting ceremony Wednesday night.

EDITORIAL – Equal environmental justice for everyone

We in the Cayman Islands should exercise great caution not to turn an environmental issue into a “class warfare” issue.
Paul Allen's yacht Tatoosh is blamed for anchor damage to the reef in the West Bay replenishment zone. - PHOTO: JAMES WHITTAKER

Billionaire’s yacht blamed for coral reef damage

An area of around 13,000 square feet of coral reef habitat within a marine park was impacted by anchor damage from the mega-yacht Tatoosh, according to a survey by Department of Environment divers.

EDITORIAL – Power lines: Our stance on ‘green’ energy

We (and no doubt our readers) were cheered by all aspects of the headline that appeared in Thursday’s Cayman Compass: “Oil, solar contribute to...

Global warming

Stingrays make Sandbar home base

A resident population of stingrays has made the North Sound Sandbar their long-term home, population data from the latest stingray census indicates. Volunteers and scientists...

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