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Police to get hybrid vehicles

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is adding two hybrid vehicles to its fleet. According to a press release from the Ministry of Home Affairs,...

EDITORIAL – Yellow plates, green energy

While we rarely comment on commentary that is submitted to us, today we will make an exception for two letters — one on vehicular...

Response to Jan. 6 editorial

The Cayman Renewable Energy Association (CREA) wishes to address the editorial of Jan. 6, entitled “Cayman’s combat with climate change: A bunch of hot...

Discovering East End’s hidden treasures by bike

Plenty of visitors flock to Seven Mile Beach for its spectacular sunsets, and if Shane Edwards has his way, they’ll soon be just as eager to trek out to the East End around sunrise.

Weather Service: Climate change making Cayman hotter, drier

The average temperature in the Cayman Islands has risen steadily for the past four years due to the effects of global climate change, according to National Weather Service Director John Tibbetts.

Humane Society friends get moving for a good cause

Lots of tails were wagging in excitement as the Cayman Islands Humane Society's annual Walk and Wag 5K walk/run at Camana Bay on Sunday,

‘Serenity’ now!

The art gallery in the bridge of The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman will be launching its new show on Tuesday, with works from a whole slew of resident and local artists.

Longtime liquor licensing chairman replaced in board shake-up

A new Liquor Licensing Board is ushered in, along with a new regime for local liquor-related businesses.

Central Mangrove Wetland is Cayman’s heart and lungs

The district of Bodden Town is home to the Central Mangrove Wetland, considered by some to be the ecological heart of Grand Cayman, home to a wide range of animals, birds and aquatic life.

Brac hotel owners told to clean up site

The owners of the Divi Tiara Beach Resort on Cayman Brac have been served with an enforcement order requiring them to demolish dilapidated buildings and clean up the site. The hotel, vacant for almost a decade, has become an eyesore on the island, and planning officials are concerned that the site is unsafe.

Cayman’s combat with climate change: A bunch of hot air

Any second that Cayman spends on attempting to combat climate change will constitute a waste of time, energy and money.

New energy, climate change policies planned

Government is planning a review of its draft energy and climate change policies early this year in light of ambitious new targets established at a world summit in Paris last month.

A month-by-month roundup of Cayman’s 2015 news stories

Top stories of 2015 in the Cayman Islands

East Ender reminisces about tourism’s early days

Having spent 45 years in the tourism business, East Ender Doralee McLaughlin has a treasure chest of memories to share, stretching back to the industry’s early days.

In Memoriam: Obituaries of 2015

Obituaries of nine people who died in 2015 and who received Queen's Honours during their lifetime.

Top stories of 2015: The year of the report

The theme for government in 2015 may well have been “The Year of the Report.” Ministers and civil servants have been going through a yearlong review of the EY Report, which calls for numerous government reforms.

Three-year grant for Little Cayman research center

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute has received a three-year grant from the Dart Foundation to support programs at its Little Cayman research center.

Top stories of 2015: Cruise plan divided Cayman in 2015

Plans for a new cruise terminal in George Town harbor dominated the headlines and divided the Cayman Islands community throughout 2015.

Drug addiction does not take a holiday

The Drug Rehabilitation Court and informal mental health court use a team approach to work with defendants even over the holidays.

'The Beast' to recycle Christmas trees

The Department of Environmental Health will be putting its new wood grinding machine, nicknamed “The Beast,” into action in the New Year’s to recycle Christmas trees.

A Christmas blessing for West Bay crew

The community cleanup is bringing pride, opportunity and Christmas cash to unemployed workers in West Bay.

Corals harvested for beauty products

A U.S. cosmetics company has been granted rare permission to harvest small amounts of soft corals in Cayman’s waters for use in beauty products.

Teen certified as one of few local dive instructors

Teenager Andrew Schirn has joined an exclusive club after passing his exams to become a dive instructor.

London Philharmonic ensemble at Cayman Arts Festival

Early bird ticket deadline for the Cayman Arts Festival is Dec. 31, and offers a general pass to all events for $100 for adults.

Welcome to the Robot Factory

Tinybop Inc. has won the much coveted App of the Year for its The Robot Factory app, which allows adults and children to build robots to their hearts' content.

From the National Conservation Council

National Conservation Council responds to Compass editorial.

Beachside trash yields treasure – and then some

The GREEN team organized a high schol beach cleanup on 21 November.

Paris climate deal prompts call for action in Cayman

The Cayman Islands must set more aggressive targets on increasing renewable energy and reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the light of the Paris agreement on climate change, green energy advocates have said.

Economic impact of Cayman Enterprise City continues to grow

Cayman’s special economic zone, Cayman Enterprise City, reported that companies operating in the zone and their staff had a $23.6 million impact on the local economy this year.

Golf resort now apartment complex

First sold to investors as a luxury housing development around a golf course, a long-discussed project near Rum Point has gone through another metamorphosis as it works its way through the planning process.

The Council: Conservation consternation

It's difficult (but not impossible) to give the protection of the environment a bad name, but the National Conservation Council is making some headway.

Enterprise City campus gets zoning approval

Zoning approval has been granted for Cayman Enterprise City’s proposed campus on a 70-acre site in South Sound.

Cayman fashion designer goes global

Isy B. designs will now be made globally available, thanks to a recent partnership with Nineteenth Amendment, an online sales platform and retailer.

Soto biography book signing at Book Nook

A book about Bob Soto's extraordinary life, aptly titled "Extraordinary Adventures" will be launched on Dec. 15 with a book signing on Dec. 18.

Cayman cemeteries face grave problem

Two Cayman Islands districts face looming problems with cemetery space, with the problem in West Bay district being the most severe and East End looking to close one of its cemeteries next year.

Cayman to host One Young World leaders in 2016

The Cayman Islands will host hundreds of young world leaders next year at a special international summit on the topic of sustainable finance.

Golf stars swing in for pro-am

Former world number one David Duval and fellow major winner Rich Beem feature in a star-studded lineup for the Cayman Islands Golf Invitational at the North Sound Club this weekend.

Cruise anchor reef scare in George Town harbor

A patch of coral reef in George Town harbor suffered damage from a cruise ship anchor Wednesday, sparking concern among scuba divers and environmentalists.

Spectacular homes net design awards

A spectacular contemporary home on the waterfront in Rum Point and a tranquil beach house nestled among sea grape trees in Little Cayman share the 2015 Governor’s Award for design and construction excellence. Despite their contrasting styles, both homes impressed the judges at the biennial awards ceremony because of their harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

Workshop set for micro and small businesses

Micro and small businesses are invited to a free workshop, “Financing Options for Micro and Small Businesses,” at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Chamber of Commerce in Governors Square.

700 hired for seasonal work program

Seven hundred Caymanians have been selected to take part in the government’s Christmas work program.

Designs unveiled for Beach Bay resort

Dramatic and futuristic designs for a planned US$250 million luxury resort in Bodden Town were unveiled Saturday at an event in Miami Beach. Beach Bay Land Ltd. announced TEN Arquitectos of Mexico City and New York as the winner of its design competition for work on the resort at St. James Point, Beach Bay. The firm’s concept designs show hotel and condo buildings curving along the coastline.

New dump excavators delivered

The Department of Environmental Health took delivery on Dec. 3 of two new excavators for the George Town landfill.

Landfill conundrum: ‘Location, location, location’

In irony almost beyond words (but not quite), the government's "solution" to the George Town dump site is to make it permanent.

Lobster season gets under way

Lobster season opened this week, giving free divers a three-month window to catch the coveted but protected species.

Wolves will get bigger and faster

Such is the lure of triathlon and outdoor, individual sports generally, there is always constant growth and evolution.

St. Ignatius students excel in inter-schools debates

High school students Naomi Harris and Finley McDougall from St. Ignatius Catholic School won the inaugural Conyers Inter-Schools Debate Tournament last week in a tightly contested event.

Animal tethering practices in Cayman questioned

Roni Wildoner was traveling along the eastern coast of Grand Cayman in October when she spotted a bull tethered on the side of the road near Breakers. She investigated and found that the animal was tangled in his rope. A plastic makeshift water trough, with jagged, sharp edges, was empty, save for a handful of leaves. Tethering animals on the side of the road is a traditional practice in Cayman, but some say it's time for the tradition to end.

Hotels help to broaden real estate investment opportunities

The new Margaritaville Beach Resort on Seven Mile Beach is exciting news for both Cayman’s tourism industry and its real estate industry – two sectors of Cayman’s economy which I believe have always been inextricably linked.

Overseas Territories, London officials expect to broach beneficial ownership issue

Premier Alden McLaughlin and a six-member Cayman Islands delegation attended Tuesday afternoon’s opening session of the three-day annual Joint Ministerial Council in London. Ongoing questions of beneficial ownership are expected to be among the more contentious subjects addressed among the group of 12 Overseas Territories and Foreign and Commonwealth Office leaders.

Government funds for vehicle, asset replacement diverted

The Cayman Islands government has not planned appropriately for the need to replace old, outdated equipment in a number of areas – including service vehicles – and has actually spent money intended for that purpose on other things. Those findings were included in a special government committee report on the management of public finances released last week.

Age proves no barrier for young Bodden Town community activist

A young girl’s concern for her community is turning heads and causing a stir.

Bulk waste collections begin

It’s time to get rid of old household appliances, furniture and yard waste: the annual bulk waste clean-up campaign started this week.

Premier condemns anti-business rhetoric

Premier Alden McLaughlin admonished legislators for anti-business, anti-expat rhetoric that he warned risked hurting the island’s economy. The premier supported an amended version of a private members’ motion from backbencher Winston Connolly, who called for changes to business licensing laws to encourage training, development and ownership opportunities for Caymanians.

US issues worldwide travel alert

In the wake of the recent terror attacks in Paris, the U.S. State Department issued a worldwide travel alert Monday, urging its citizens to be aware of heightened risks, particularly when traveling during the holiday season.

Port politics: 'The Council' comes to life

Flexing its muscles against its creator, the National Conservation Council is attempting to impede the Progressives government’s pursuit of the cruise berthing project downtown.

Conservation Council questions Ministry of Tourism role in pier project

The National Conservation Council has questioned the role of the Ministry of Tourism in pushing for the cruise pier project.

Fifty-six jurors excused from Watson and Rodriguez trial

A jury panel was chosen on Friday for the trial of Canover Watson and Miriam Rodriguez, but not before 56 of 70 potential jurors were excused. The seven jurors and two reserves chosen were scheduled to begin hearing the matter on Monday, Nov. 23.

Legal action possible over port decision

Cayman Islands Government has been served with notice that a judicial review could be filed with relation to Cabinet’s decision to proceed with the cruise port development.

Panton: Spearfishing rules may be changed

Environment Minister Wayne Panton indicated Wednesday that long-standing rules banning the importation of spear gun parts and the granting of new spearfishing licenses could be changed, depending on recommendations from the National Conservation Council. The issue was raised Wednesday in the Legislative Assembly.

Recycling to expand in the new year

Government is working to get more recycling stations set up around the islands in the beginning of next year, according to Jim Schubert with the Public Works Department.

Parry sees new-look Sunset rising

Sunset Football Club used to be widely seen as a team for mostly British ex-pats who enjoyed the social aspects of the sport rather than having a competitive edge.

EDITORIAL – President Trump: What would that mean for Cayman?

We anticipate two points of contention. Does Mr. Trump have a real chance at becoming president? And, does the identity of the U.S. president actually make a difference to Cayman? The answer to both questions is, emphatically “Yes!”

Business in brief

UBS, Walkers sponsor Ladies in Trusts event; Maples expands global private client services offering; DMS hosts Offshore Investment Funds Summit; and Hurst promotes Cayman at overseas real estate symposium

Bahamas back in Cayman for I-Cup tournament

The Cayman Islands Flag Football Association hosts their Invitational I-Cup Tournament this weekend.

Coral bleaching in Cayman passes 'mass event' threshold

The waters around the Cayman Islands hit the threshold in recent weeks that could cause mass coral bleaching around the islands, part of a global event this year caused by warmer than usual water temperatures throughout the world’s oceans.

Revival seen in turtle nesting population

A dramatic recovery in Cayman’s nesting sea turtle population, from the brink of extinction at the turn of the century, is demonstrated in two decades of data collected by environment officials on Cayman beaches.

Green Iguana B'Gonna

Little Cayman’s Mike Vallee is committed to protecting Cayman’s environment, both on land and at sea. These days, along with fellow Little Cayman resident Ed Houlcroft, Mr. Vallee’s current focus is on eradicating a certain wily invader that has successfully made itself at home on Grand Cayman with the launch of a new program called Green Iguana B’Gonna.

Helping hand for nesting birds

Many types of birds make their nests on Cayman Brac’s cliffs and rocky shores, but due to an unfortunate chance convergence of ocean currents, its rugged coastline also accumulates masses of floating garbage.

Planning for health

As planners circulate a draft redesign for central George Town, an urban revitalization expert from the United States was on island recently to present about principles for creating healthy cities and improving public health through design at the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference. The planning, design and architecture of a city can have serious impacts on the health of the people who live there. That was the message of James Moore with the U.S.-based Urban Land Institute.

West Bay fishermen oppose marine zone expansion

In a second meeting to present the new marine parks plan in West Bay, about 100 people showed up Monday night to voice their opposition to the plan to Department of Environment officials.

Police launch second round of community clinics

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is launching another round of its community clinics throughout the Cayman Islands.

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