700 hired for seasonal work program

Seven hundred Caymanians have been selected to take part in the government’s Christmas work program. 

Those who were hired for the seasonal work turned out in droves at the Lions Centre on Monday morning to check the final list to discover what projects they would be working on and which work teams they had been assigned to as part of the National Community Enhancement Project (NICE) job recruitment drive. 

The initiative offers work opportunities for unemployed Caymanians over a three-week period spanning Christmas and the new year. 

Workers signed contracts and listened to safety instructions at the Lions Centre on Monday. Many workers, who either learned about the process late or failed to make the deadline, were disappointed to discover there were no more spaces available. 

Community Affairs Minister Osbourne Bodden said it had taken a lot of work to get the project up and running. “There are a lot of Caymanians still needing work,” he added. 

According to organizers, supervisors will be paid $12 an hour and laborers will be paid $10 an hour. Mr. Bodden said he expected the project to cost not more than $400,000. 

The organizers said because of the large number of applicants, some would be hired only for one week. 

Following an orientation next week, one team of 70 workers will be chosen to work for three weeks. This group includes those with supervisory experience, who will act as team foremen, and those who will be assigned to work at the landfill. 

For consistency and safety reasons, this work crew cannot be rotated, managers of the recruitment project said. 

Other jobs include repairs and maintenance, gardening, and cleaning parks, beaches and roadside edges. A similar project has already begun on the Sister Islands under the supervision of the Department of District Administration. 

Government agencies involved in the work project include the National Roads Authority, the Department of Environmental Health, the Public Works Department and Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries. 

Caymanians seeking seasonal jobs in the government

Caymanians seeking seasonal jobs in the government’s work program check at the Lions Centre on Monday which work groups they have been assigned to. – Photo: Jewel Levy

Caymanians seeking seasonal work with government fill out applications at the Lions Centre Monday. -Photo: Jewel Levy

Caymanians seeking seasonal work with government fill out applications at the Lions Centre Monday. -Photo: Jewel Levy


  1. And this is just a fraction of the unemployed in the Cayman Islands. These are the ones that appear to want to work. There are probably as many others unemployed who do not want to work and others who are unemployed professionals who do not want this type of work. As the NWDA was involved in this hiring process it would be interesting to know how many of these persons who got this temporary employment are actually registered with them for employment. Also the hourly rate being paid is very high for this type of work. I am not saying that this is not what should be paid but I can assure you that the private sector is not paying this high rate to their employees in comparable employment they are more likely only paying $5 to $8 per hour as this is what is advertised in the papers. Caymanians are not going to work in the hot sun for this pittance (and pay health and pension out of this), so we have numerous work permits for the nationalities who are willing to accept this low hourly wage. It is a shame that Minister Rivers and Counsellor Connolly who are responsible for Labour in these Islands did not think it important enough to come out to this registration to show support to their fellow colleague Bodden. Having said that neither of them are doing anything to support or resolve this matter in these Islands so we should not be surprised. Maybe the surprise to them will be at the polls in 2017 when the people speak loud and clear and not return them.

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