50 years ago: Birth of twins starts weekend baby boom

In the Dec. 8, 1965 edition of The Caymanian Weekly, a precursor to the Cayman Compass, a news item on page 5 highlighted a weekend baby boom on Grand Cayman. 

“The staff at the hospital worked non-stop over the weekend to deliver nine babies. Mrs. Diana Ebanks of West Bay set the ball rolling on Friday at 9 p.m. when she gave birth to twins – a 6¼ lb girl and a 6 lb boy. She is the wife of Mr. Isaac Ebanks.” 

Not all the news was happy in West Bay, however, as a wave of influenza, which had already claimed the lives of others on Grand Cayman in the weeks before, caused the death of 84-year-old Luther Ebanks, as reported by West Bay correspondent Leila Yates. 

In other West Bay news that week, the management of Club Inferno took out an advertisement to advise the public that the establishment’s new chairs and tables had arrived, and that the club was proudly introducing slot car racing. 

“Try it!” the ad urged. “You will get the thrill of your life.” 

50 years ago Birth of twins starts weekend baby boom