‘Serenity’ now!

“Serenity,” The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman gallery’s first show of 2016, opens on Tuesday. The exhibition’s title, according to the space’s director, Chris Christian, reflects the mood of the majority of the artwork on display. Tuesday’s opening will allow visitors to mingle with most of the artists involved and will be from 6-8 p.m. 

With 45 artists participating, and close to 300 pieces on display and for sale, this exhibition promises to be a big draw. Covering the gamut of photography, sculpture, acrylic and canvas, watercolor on canvas, mixed media and resin, “Serenity” will hopefully have enough breadth to engage all visitors. 

Scheduled to run until the middle of April, the show has attracted the participation of several emerging artists, which is always a healthy sign of a vibrant and ever-expanding arts community.  

The exhibition features the work of some new artists including Tessa Hydes, Annikki Brown, Shilpa Tagalpallewar, Lana Gilyun, Janice Brown, Megan Irwin, Caribbean Stone Art and Janice Brown. 

Work by returning artists such as Kerwin Ebanks, Gordon Solomon, Randy Chollette, Nasaria Suckoo, Patricia Nicholson, Yonie Powery, Hannah Cook, April Bending, Cathy Church and Avril Ward will also be displayed. 

Laurel Schmid 

The show’s featured artist is Laurél Schmid. Originally from Wisconsin, Schmid graduated with a degree in graphic design and has more than 20 years of experience in the field.  

“I’ve been creative for as long as I can remember and always preferred art class over other subjects in school,” she said.  

“As far as I can tell, my design roots may be from my grandparents on my Mom’s side as they loved to take road trips throughout the States, and when they passed, we discovered an awesome sketch book in the closet.” 

The artist usually works in acrylic, but also works with colored pencil and watercolor. A board member of the local Visual Arts Society, her artwork has been shown and sold throughout the Cayman Islands and has been collected internationally.  

Talking about her inspiration for the exhibition, she said: “Whether it’s cloud formations, a storm over the sea, or the shifts in sunlight, every day is different in Cayman and the vivid colors and tropical surroundings provide much of my inspiration.” 

“I create and paint from my heart. To have the end result noticed and enjoyed by someone is a tremendous compliment.” 

Chris Christian, who also curates each show, said, “Laurél possesses a truly exceptional talent, especially when it comes to capturing the natural environment. Her artwork definitely sums up the ‘Serenity’ theme, and I encourage everyone to come and view the exhibition. All artwork is for sale so everyone can take home a piece of ‘Serenity’ for themselves.” 

To buy pieces, visit the Cupboard retail shop in The Ritz-Carlton; call 926-1950/926-0119; or email [email protected]  


The natural world is a big part of artist Laurel Schmid’s inspiration. – Photo: Vicki Wheaton


Laurel Schmid displaying her works at the Camana Bay market. – Photo: Vicki Wheaton


Bamboo signs, handpainted by Laurel Schmid. – Photo: Vicki Wheaton


The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman gallery is located in the bridge between the land and sea side of the property, and will be revealing a new show on Tuesday, Jan. 12. – Photo: Vicki Wheaton


Randy Chollette is one of the many prominent artists with pieces displayed in The Ritz-Carlton’s art gallery.

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