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Stalling, stalling, stalling, stalling, stalling, stalling …

In large measure, this PPM government was elected on the singular campaign promise that it had the solution to the George Town Landfill — and it didn’t.

Bennett, 14, is already an Elite talent

Elite Sports Club has some of the youngest – and tiniest – players in the women’s football league and one of them is the exceptionally talented Shannelle Bennett.

New assistant director at landfill

The Department of Environmental Health has hired engineer Mark Rowlands as its new assistant director, in charge of solid waste.

Save turtles, close Turtle Farm

World Animal Protection is unsurprised to see that only around 1 percent of Caymanian residents eat turtle on a weekly basis.

Tourism minister denies port conflict

Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell has refuted suggestions of a conflict of interest over Cayman’s cruise port project.

Obituary: George Richardson Proctor, 1920-2015

George Proctor, author of "Flora of the Cayman Islands," passed away in New York on Oct. 12. He was 95.

Northward's got talent

Prisoners at Northward displayed their talents at a Literacy Day event last week, showcasing the prison's rehabilitation programs.

Conference looks to the future of medicine

Emerging trends in medicine will be the focus of the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference that begins Thursday.

Business in brief

Global Directories names new president and CEO; Michael Garvey joins DMS; Aon Cayman adds to Risk Solutions team; Mourant Ozannes offers development opportunities; National Gallery welcomes intern

Researchers track shark numbers

Researchers are tracking shark, snapper and grouper populations to monitor the health of predators on Cayman’s reefs.

Landfill to reach capacity in 2021, say consultants

Consultants say the George Town landfill will reach capacity by summer of 2021 unless a new strategy for managing solid waste is introduced. A new National Solid Waste Management Strategy for the Cayman Islands, released for public consultation Monday, estimates that even with all of the recommendations to reduce and recycle trash, the George Town landfill would have only “a limited number of years” beyond 2021.

Ministry pursuing millions in garbage fees

Cayman's government is still trying to collect trash fees from a decade ago.

Lawmakers vote for mandatory fuel import price reveal

Cayman Islands lawmakers Wednesday unanimously approved a bill that seeks to force fuel importers to reveal their pricing structure for gasoline and diesel fuel shipped to the islands, massively increasing fines for noncompliance in the process.

Liquor license holders get extended 'grace period'

Cayman Islands liquor license holders who do not currently own or operate a liquor-related business will now get up to five years to retain those licenses, during which time they can apply for a business license.

Big crowd hears George Town plans

Government plans to buy out some landowners and demolish buildings to make way for a new road layout in central George Town.

Business in brief

Free small business workshops; Ogier awards annual scholarship in Cayman Islands; Cayman Insurance Centre’s life agents receive top honors; Cayman Enterprise City receives Investment Environment Award;

Chinese slowdown to hit Cayman, Canada

China’s slowing economy will hit the developed world, and no country harder than Canada, according to Yale economist Vikram Mansharamani.

Demand for turtle meat constant since 1990s

The demand for turtle meat has remained relatively constant since 1996, with about a third of Cayman’s households consuming turtle in the past year.

Doctor's rides keep medicine at bay

Medical practitioners theoretically know all the healthy habits they should adhere to, but do not necessarily do so. Dr. Rachel Gooden follows her own medical advice, though.

Dock protest draws 250-300

About 250 to 300 people, many of them holding placards expressing their objections, braved blistering-hot late-afternoon sun to attend the protest held at the waterfront across from Cardinall Avenue.

Premier: Government ‘out of patience’ with fuel companies

Legislation that will require Cayman’s two major fuel distributors to reveal specific pricing information on gasoline and diesel shipments was approved in a key vote last week, but certain details of the bill remain to be hammered out in a Legislative Assembly committee Monday prior to its final passage.

Grooming the male of the species

Men are definitely paying more attention to the way they present themselves, so we talked to some local purveyors who cater to the groomed male.

Lionfish cook-off is highlight of weekend cull

Lionfish culling tournament and cookoff takes place this weekend, hosted by C.U.L.L.

Auditor general report: Government revenue collection ‘open to abuse’

Poor record keeping and a lack of specific criteria for waiving government fees leaves the “revenue collection operations open to abuse,” according to the acting auditor general.

Bridge Foundation gives residents new lease on life

The Bridge Foundation provides transitional housing for men and women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Residents of the foundation’s houses in West Bay – the Anchor House for men, and the Beacon House for women – like to call it their little piece of heaven off of Hell Road.

Hall's brace was first of many

The women’s football season kicked off with the Charity Shield over the weekend and the player who most impressed was Sunset’s Martha Hall, whose two goals made all the difference.

Police and DoE team up in East End

Environment officers are teaming up with police to help improve enforcement of conservation laws in the eastern districts.

Bleaching hits Cayman corals

Coral bleaching around Grand Cayman has become so dramatic that last week the police helicopter crew called the Department of Environment, concerned about what was going on in the water just off South Sound.

Permanent residence grants: The number is still zero

More than 500 people have applied for permanent residence status under the new Cayman Islands Immigration Law in the past two years. This is how many people have been granted PR status under the new law: Zero.

Sunday games return with delayed cup final

The Sunday Football League returns to action this weekend with DHL Express as its new leading sponsor.

Business in brief

KeyTech Ltd. and CellOne to combine operations; The Security Centre Ltd. celebrates new office opening; Cayman Finance’s student program a success; Harneys opens Bermuda office; Maples and Calder grants scholarships to six Caymanians; Caymanian seconded to Intertrust Hong Kong

Cayman Trusts Law needs to evolve, trust lawyers say

The Cayman Islands Trusts Law is in urgent need of modernization, particularly with regard to the treatment of U.S. beneficiaries of a trust, trust lawyers said at the Mourant Ozannes Trusts and Private Client Conference.

Chamber offers workshops for small businesses

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce is starting a series of free monthly workshops to assist small businesses.

Cruise ship dock business case predicts up to US$439 million benefit

The final business case for the cruise pier project estimates a potential economic upside of some US$439 million over 20 years for the Cayman Islands. Even if the worst economic impacts associated with the loss of reefs in George Town harbor were realized, consultant PwC concluded in its report that the project would still deliver a net benefit to the economy of US$112 million.

Amnesty offered to unlicensed room renters

Anyone renting rooms to tourists through home sharing sites like Airbnb has been offered an “amnesty” until the end of the year, before government begins cracking down on unlicensed properties.

Banking on weed a risky business

Providing banking services to a growing number of legitimate marijuana operations in the U.S. would still be considered money laundering in the Cayman Islands, an international expert warned Friday.

Powder on streets turns out to be runners' club marker

Confectioner sugar dropped on sidewalks in George Town sparks police alert.

One couple gives big to cancer fundraiser

The annual Breast Cancer Gala Dinner is an opportunity for people to open their hearts – and their wallets – to help support local charities that work to prevent and treat breast cancer.

Open-plan classrooms a problem at Clifton Hunter

School administrators are tailoring the timetable at Clifton Hunter High School to help cope with teaching problems caused by the open-plan classroom layout, described as an “urgent problem” by inspectors. An inspection report on the school highlighted the experimental layout at the new $110 million facility as a barrier to improvement.

Pharmacist donates to East End school

East End Primary School’s after-school program has been given a boost with a $3,600 donation from Donald McLean of Health Care Pharmacy.

McKeeva Bush: Government ‘undermining’ Public Accounts Committee

The Progressives-led government is making a “direct attempt” to undermine the functions of the Legislative Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee, weakening good governance standards in the Cayman Islands, Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush said Tuesday.

Moxam grabs grappling gold

The Cayman Fight Factory members have been busy recently, and none more so than Flloyd Moxam, who last week won a gold medal in a grappling event in Florida.

OECD releases measures to curb corporate tax avoidance

The OECD presented a final set of measures that seek to reform international tax rules to close gaps and inconsistencies that allow corporate profits to “disappear” or to be artificially shifted to jurisdictions with low or no taxation.

Report: Frank Sound farm cleared of arsenic poisoning

The Pan American Health Organization has issued a clean bill of health to the 14.5-acre Powell family farm in Frank Sound, declaring arsenic levels in soil and groundwater within acceptable limits.

Shark diving: Should Cayman take the bait?

The Cayman Islands could be missing out on an economic and conservation opportunity by maintaining its ban on shark diving, according to experts.

US healthcare reform has ripple effects for Cayman captives

The U.S. Affordable Care Act and the consolidation it has caused in the healthcare industry is also having an impact on the number of healthcare captives in Cayman.

Amid the seaweed, a weird and wonderful world

The invasion of sargassum may be putting off tourists, but it is also bringing some interesting new visitors to Cayman’s shores.

Gladys Howard remembered for her contribution and cheer

Remembered as one of Little Cayman’s biggest cheerleaders, an environmentalist and friend, Gladys Howard passed away Saturday in Texas. She was 83.

Seaweed invasion continues

The sargassum seaweed invasion of Seven Mile Beach is likely to be over by Wednesday.

To kill a green iguana

Human beings are notorious for — and notoriously bad at — manipulating Nature to suit their temporal whims. In other words, playing God. Hubris has brought down greater and wiser men than we ...

Details revealed for new, expanded HospiceCare home

Details of the new Seven Mile Beach home for Cayman HospiceCare have emerged, pegging the worth of the project at $3 million, and at least doubling the size of the present facility.

Government IT systems open to 'threats from attack'

Auditors say Cayman's government put sensitive information and operations at risk by ignoring IT problems for years.

Government gives green light to George Town cruise dock

Plans for a new cruise port in George Town harbor will move forward, Premier Alden Mclaughlin announced Wednesday afternoon. Mr. McLaughlin said government had considered the environmental and economic implications and agreed to allow the project to proceed to the next stage.

$200K project planned to control iguana pest

Sniffer dogs and marksmen could be used in separate initiatives to fight a growing problem with green iguanas in Grand Cayman and on the Sister Islands.

Summer intern builds on museum experience

When she applied for an internship at the Cayman National Museum, Kierstin Stewart wanted to find out what aspect of the islands’ history visitors found most interesting. What she got was a closer look at her own cultural heritage.

Residents warned over renting rooms to tourists

Officials are clamping down on Cayman Islands residents who rent spare rooms to tourists using home-sharing websites such as Airbnb.

Coral relocation impact questioned

Members of the National Conservation Council have questioned the feasibility of coral relocation as a means of offsetting the destruction of reefs in George Town harbor for a proposed cruise pier construction project.

Bill seeks to eliminate liquor license 'black market'

Sweeping changes proposed for Cayman’s Liquor Licensing Law seek to end what government and business leaders have often described as the “black market” for liquor licenses.

Students awarded in regional poster competition

Clifton Hunter High School student Anissa Hoyte and Cayman Prep and High School student Tijana Parker have been recognized for their entries in the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association Environmental Poster Competition.

Coral relocation possible, consultant says

Just under a third of the corals in the proposed construction site for a new cruise berthing facility in George Town harbor could be relocated, according to a marine consultant’s survey. The survey, involving scientific divers and sonar imaging of the sea floor, was commissioned to get a more precise estimate of the number of corals that would be impacted by the project. The report concludes that around 391,000 hard corals and 61,000 soft corals will be affected over 11 acres.

Morris wants a total revamp

Cayman’s national cricket team performed so badly at the ICC World Cricket League Division 6 tournament in England two weeks ago that a revamp of the system is an absolute necessity, according to the team’s spin bowler Alessandro Morris.

Cummings never stops tri-ing

Triathlon organizers used to boast that their sport is the fastest growing in the world. That may indeed be case in the Cayman Islands as every other athlete seems to be lured into the swim, bike and run event. Daniel Cummings is a typical new convert.

Department of Environment director speaks out on cruise port project

The environmental consequences of proceeding with the cruise berthing project will still be “extremely dire” even if mitigation measures are deployed, the director of the Cayman Islands Department of Environment has warned.

Reef restoration in home stretch but volunteers still needed

It’s been a long, hard road, but organizers and volunteers of the “Magic Reef” restoration say their work on repairing the coral reef damaged by a cruise ship anchor drop more than a year ago is paying off.

School illness report inconclusive

A report into an outbreak of sickness at Red Bay Primary found an ice machine leak to be the "more likely" cause of the illness.

Turtle hatchlings killed in beach bonfire

Volunteers made the heartbreaking discovery of the charred remains of dozens of tiny turtle hatchlings on a Grand Cayman beach.

Dailey promotes kids riding more

The vibrant Cayman cycling scene is gradually attracting youngsters into the sport, which was an obvious fact at last week’s time trial.

Proud of Them: Chanelle Monique Scott recognized for academic achievements

Chanelle Monique Scott, 15, of Bodden Town, received the Proud of Them award for her achievements in academics.

Report: Faulty ice machine may be cause of Red Bay school illnesses

Investigators have identified a faulty ice machine as the “more likely” cause of a mass outbreak of illness at Red Bay Primary School earlier this month.

Inductees, honorees to be added to Scuba Hall of Fame

Inductees and honorees to be celebrated at 2015 International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame event on Oct 2.

British Schools Fair this week

Seventeen schools will be featured at a British Schools Fair at the Westin resort on Friday and Saturday.

Cause of Red Bay Primary School illness still unknown

Two weeks after more than 100 students and teachers at Red Bay Primary School were taken ill after eating lunch, little information about the cause of the outbreak has been released.

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