Age proves no barrier for young Bodden Town community activist

A young girl’s concern for her community is turning heads and causing a stir. 

Living in Savannah’s North Sound Estates with her parents Marcia and Vechariah Leon, 9-year-old, Year 5 Bodden Town Primary student Micah Leon has developed a strong community spirit. 

Her mother says Micah is an active young lady involved in lots of activities and sports. 

“She is in the Girls’ Brigade and Brownies, and sings in the Chapel Church Children’s choir,” said Ms. Leon. “She also plays football, cricket and netball and school.” 

Ms. Leon says her daughter has a strong character. 

“She is a Christian, a child who is concerned about the rules, and she really wants to uphold standards and rules and discipline,” said her mother. 

The family lives near a local park, and her mother said Micah wanted to get the message out that the park should be safe for the kids in the community. 

As part of a school project, Micah wrote a letter to her MLA, Winston Connolly, expressing a number of her concerns. 

Micah’s letter titled, “Things I’d like to see happening in my community,” reads: 


“Dear Mr. Winston Connolly. 

“Hello, my name is Micah Leon, and I live in the beautiful community of North Sound Estate Gardens. 

“What exactly is a community? According to the Usborne Illustrated Dictionary, a community is a group of people who live in the same area or who have something in common with each other. Which tells me that a community should be a safe, clean and calm area used to grow generations after generations. There are a few problems I would like to point out. 

“Firstly, some people are breaking in stealing and vandalizing other people’s property. In order for these people to stop these crimes I know we have a neighborhood watch but we need to reinforce it. 

“Secondly, people are littering the neighborhood. I do not like to see the place so messy. So I think we can arrange a clean-up day so people can volunteer to clean up and save our environment. 

“Finally, I am seeing that the young people are disobeying and using the park in the wrong way, e.g., creating gangs and defacing the playground equipment. One of the park rules are to not create gangs. 

“I try to tell them to look at the park rules but it seems like they do not care. I believe the playground is to be socially physically and creatively engaging for the children. If they continue to be disobedient we might have to get the law enforcement officers involved. 

“In conclusion, as a child of the Cayman Islands and this community, even though young, I know right from wrong, therefore I would like to see the rules be carried out and if everyone does their part and be cohesive, this community will be in good shape, clean and a secure environment for the future generation.” 


The letter’s contents impressed Mr. Connolly so much that he passed it on to fellow MLAs. 

Soon after, in recognition of her community spirit and concern, Minister Osbourne Bodden paid Micah a visit at school on Sept. 30. “It was our pleasure to receive Micah’s letter and we commend her, and are most proud of her for being so perceptive in regards to her community,” said Mr. Bodden. 

“We give Micah the assurance that we will do all in our power to address her concerns, and encourage her to continue developing her community spirit, which will serve her well into the future. We also wish Micah well in her future studies at primary level and unto her eventual college years.” 

Ms. Leon says that nothing has yet come to pass as a result of Micah’s appeal, but Mr. Bodden has assured her that plans were under way for a Christmastime cleanup, with an official announcement expected soon. 

Community activist Micah Leon.

Community activist Micah Leon.

Cabinet Minister Osbourne Bodden was very impressed by Micah Leon

Cabinet Minister Osbourne Bodden was very impressed by Micah Leon’s letter.

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