New assistant director at landfill

The Department of Environmental Health has hired engineer Mark Rowlands as its new assistant director, in charge of solid waste. 

Mr. Rowlands, from British Columbia, Canada, is an environmental engineer/planner with more than 25 years of experience in the field of waste management, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Health on Friday. Mr. Rowlands has also been the vice president for the Pacific Chapter and international board director for the Solid Waste Association of North America. 

“Working with multicultural/disciplinary client teams and stakeholders on behalf of government, engineering consulting firms, industry product stewards, First Nations communities, and private businesses is a particular strength of Mr. Rowlands,” the statement noted. 

The Ministry said Mr. Rowlands would focusing primarily on solid waste management operations while assisting on broader strategic initiatives. 

The statement quoted Mr. Rowlands as saying: “The world is changing to face the challenges of global warming, pollution and the over-consumption of our planet’s limited resources. The Cayman Islands are poised and determined to join other nations on this global challenge with a major advancement in their own solid waste systems, but also to preserve the beauty of these magnificent islands. 

“Additionally, by viewing waste materials as a resource and creating a local economy, local citizens will benefit with new employment in innovative new industries while attracting new tourism as travelers choose to visit countries striving for this excellence.” 

Director of the Department of Environmental Health Roydell Carter noted, “With Mr. Rowlands added to the team, the DEH is now well complemented with its two Assistant Directors. We look forward to moving forward with innovations in waste management.” 

The other assistant director is Paulino Rodriguez, who heads up environmental health at the department. 

Mr. Rowlands

Mr. Rowlands

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