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Ministry of Health mum on replacing MRCU director

The Ministry of Health is keeping quiet on the absence of Mosquito Research and Control Unit director Dr. James McNelly, amid rumours that his contract has not been renewed.

MRCU director: I will not resign

Mosquito Research and Control Unit director James McNelly said he has no intentions of resigning, this after an alleged letter of no confidence in his leadership was leaked.

Cayman UK office urges registration amid coronavirus fears

Cayman’s UK office has called on all Caymanians overseas and those travelling to the UK to register with government representative offices or British embassies.

Health officials on high alert following dengue cases

Local health officials said they have heightened surveillance efforts in the wake of six confirmed cases of dengue fever in Grand Cayman. They are urging the public to take steps to eradicate any possible mosquito breeding places for the disease-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquito to help control the spread of the virus.

Performing arts camp inspires students

The Cayman Arts Trust provided its first free performing arts camps this summer for children attending Cayman’s government schools. George Town Primary School hosted the programme, which covered two weeks of activities.

Contractors chosen for mental health facility

Ministry of Health officials say contractors have been picked for the delayed long-term mental health facility in East End, and construction is expected to begin in October.
Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lee

Ministry names new chief medical officer

The Ministry of Health has named Dr. John Lee to serve as its most senior adviser on healthcare matters.
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PAHO leads climate change workshop

Last week about 50 people from the Cayman Islands public and private sectors attended a two-day session, organised by the Pan American Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, on the impacts of climate change on health and health systems.

Seymour: On World Health Day, ensuring healthcare access for all

Government will continue to push for still-greater strides to be made in this fundamental field of healthcare.

Mental health facility faces more delays

Plans for a $1-million mental health facility in East End face further delays with government re-opening the bidding process for construction of the new development.

Mental health facility remains in limbo

Delays in the construction of a new mental health facility for the Cayman Islands continue and Ministry of Health officials have declined to say when the project might actually get off the ground.

Health Ministry supports YMCA afterschool program

The Ministry of Health focused on giving back to the children of the Cayman Islands at the start of the new year by assisting in the YMCA Extended After-School Program.
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Jamaican epidemic sparks dengue fever concerns

Dengue fever is not currently a problem in the Cayman Islands. And local health officials want to keep it that way.

EDITORIAL: The landfill saga continues – seemingly without end

The long wait continues, despite last year’s selection of a Dart group-led consortium to build and operate what officials like to call an “Integrated Solid Waste Management System” (or “ISWMS”) but what we’ll refer to as a “new landfill.”

Cayman patients can get multiple prescriptions for same drug

The Ministry of Health is still working on legislation to replace a nearly 40-year-old Pharmacy Law that, among other things, does not prevent people from using different doctors to obtain multiple prescriptions for the same drug.

Mosquito Research and Control Unit appoints new director

The Mosquito Research and Control Unit announced on Tuesday that it has appointed James McNelly as its new director.

Public meeting sheds light on mental health facility

The Ministry of Health held a public meeting at the East End Civic Centre on Wednesday night to discuss the district’s planned mental health facility.

EDITORIAL – When withholding the truth has consequences

As representatives of the public’s interest, government’s first impulse must be to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”
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Mental health facility goes to Department of Planning

Architectural plans for Cayman’s first residential mental-health retreat, 54 beds in nine cottages on 15 acres in East End, are set to go to the Planning Department this month ahead of a scheduled summer 2018 groundbreaking.

Bodden Town Mission House gets pre-Christmas makeover

The Mission House in Bodden Town got a pre-Christmas makeover Monday by members of the Ministry of Health, Environment, Culture and Housing.

For the love of Cayman’s health

“Does anyone have any diet restrictions or things you’re following?” Ritz-Carlton executive pastry chef Melissa Logan asked her audience on Friday at the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference. “I can tell you, I do.”

New mental health facility to be based on model farm in US

When health officials signed a nearly $900,000 contract 10 days ago to design a long-term home for the mentally ill, Cayman offered hope to dozens of people and their families.

Health insurance enforcement ‘suffers’ from underfunding

Cayman’s health insurance regulator will receive one additional inspector shortly, but senior civil servants acknowledged that will not solve the beleaguered agency’s troubles in keeping up with demand in a growing local healthcare industry.

EDITORIAL – The health of healthcare in the Cayman Islands

If the Cayman Islands healthcare system were a patient, its medical case file would be a meter thick, containing a myriad of specialists’ assessments in regard to various disorders, illnesses and syndromes, payments to care providers, insurance rates, and government-mandated health insurance payroll deductions from all employers and employees.

Cabinet approves sending landfill plan out for bids

Cabinet on Tuesday approved a new plan for the George Town landfill, including a waste-to-energy plant to incinerate waste. The new waste management strategy calls for capping the landfill, creating a new recycling facility on the site and reducing the amount of waste going into the landfill by 95 percent.

Hospital gets high-tech X-ray facility

The Health Services Authority has built a new X-ray facility at the Cayman Islands Hospital, refitting an examination room and installing the state-of-the-art $400,000 machine, streamlining the once-cumbersome diagnostic process.

EDITORIAL – CarePay audit: No clean bill of public health

Case closed on CarePay? For the sake of the people of the Cayman Islands who are picking up the tab for this sordid affair, it better not be.

EDITORIAL – Auditing the CarePay audit

When identifying the factors for gross financial malfeasance, accountants are okay, but police officers are far better. The difference is that accountants carry calculators, while the police carry handcuffs.

EDITORIAL – The verdict on the verdict: A good start

The conviction of former Health Services Authority chairman Canover Watson for fraud and breach of trust answers one question about the public hospital system’s CarePay scheme, but raises a legion of others about corruption, complicity, indifference and incompetence in the highest levels of the Cayman Islands officialdom.

CarePay to solve all our problems, Watson tells court

Details of private discussions regarding the CarePay hospital patient swipe-card contract that took place between Aug. 11-12, 2010 – four months before the US$13 million contract was agreed by government – were reviewed in Canover Watson’s criminal trial Thursday.

CarePay trial: Bank chief confirms ‘loan’ to Webb

The head of Fidelity Bank in the Cayman Islands confirmed that representatives of his bank approved a US$240,000 loan to local businessman Jeffrey Webb in June 2011.

Top stories of 2015: CarePay contract trial gets under way

Cayman ended 2015 with a major corruption trial involving healthcare contracts and allegations against some prominent Caymanian businesspeople.

CarePay company's 'sham' directors linked to Webb

Both Caymanian men who ostensibly ran the local branch of the company that was awarded a five-year, US$13 million contract to implement the CarePay hospital patient swipe-card system in December 2010 had close personal ties to businessman Jeffrey Webb, a Cayman Islands government minister told the Grand Court on Wednesday.

CarePay trial: 'No way' ministry could pay contract, says witness

A government financial manager refused to authorize a US$1.2 million payment for the proposed expansion of the CarePay patient swipe-card contract, even though his superiors at the Ministry of Health had already green-lighted the payment, jurors in the criminal trial of Canover Watson heard Tuesday.

CarePay trial: Government pays US$1.8M, then asks, 'Where is contract?'

As late as September 2013 – two years after it had already spent the majority of the funds – the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority was still trying to find a copy of the business contract that purported to authorize government to spend up to US$2.4 million on the proposed expansion of the CarePay patient swipe-card system, a Cayman Islands jury heard Monday. 

CarePay trial: Defense: Witnesses brought to police interview by gov't minister

What was described as a surprise police interview conducted with three civil servants during the CarePay contract investigation last year was arranged by a Cayman Islands government minister, defense attorneys suggested during testimony Friday.

CarePay trial: Judge asks about US$2.4 million 'contract'

The payment of US$2.4 million for the proposed expansion to the private sector of the Cayman Islands Hospital’s CarePay patient swipe-card system prompted questions from the Grand Court judge presiding over the trial.

CarePay trial: Health Ministry duped into paying $1.2M, claims Crown

Cayman Islands businessman Canover Watson deceived local government officials into paying an additional US$1.2 million for the expansion of a public hospital patient swipe-card system by “doctoring” copies of the initial CarePay card contract and sending it to Ministry of Health officials in August 2011, Crown prosecutors said Thursday.

Fifty-six jurors excused from Watson and Rodriguez trial

A jury panel was chosen on Friday for the trial of Canover Watson and Miriam Rodriguez, but not before 56 of 70 potential jurors were excused. The seven jurors and two reserves chosen were scheduled to begin hearing the matter on Monday, Nov. 23.

Recycling to expand in the new year

Government is working to get more recycling stations set up around the islands in the beginning of next year, according to Jim Schubert with the Public Works Department.

Dump strategy on view

The Ministry of Health and Culture is holding open house sessions to familiarize the public with its proposed national solid waste management strategy.

New assistant director at landfill

The Department of Environmental Health has hired engineer Mark Rowlands as its new assistant director, in charge of solid waste.

Landfill to reach capacity in 2021, say consultants

Consultants say the George Town landfill will reach capacity by summer of 2021 unless a new strategy for managing solid waste is introduced. A new National Solid Waste Management Strategy for the Cayman Islands, released for public consultation Monday, estimates that even with all of the recommendations to reduce and recycle trash, the George Town landfill would have only “a limited number of years” beyond 2021.

Lockhart: More than 4,000 need mental health help

Last month, the newly formed Cayman Islands Mental Health Commission raised some eyebrows when it reported that about 4,000 people here had sought access to mental health services in 2013.

CarePay trial to start in mid-November

Jury selection in the corruption trial of Canover Watson, Cayman’s former Health Services Authority board chairman, is due to begin in mid-November.

Heart Fund to open World Heart Day gates to all

The Cayman Heart Fund has canceled ticket sales to its upcoming celebration of World Heart Day, throwing open to everyone, gratis, the gates to the event Saturday at Camana Bay.

Scholarship offered to doctors for specialist training

The Cayman Islands Seafarers Association will sponsor two Caymanian doctors over the next four years as they train to become specialists.

Agricultural pioneers sought for Heroes Day recognition

Premier Alden McLaughlin and Agriculture Minister Kurt Tibbetts will oversee nominations of Caymanian farmers who will be recognized as pioneers of agriculture in the 2016 National Heroes Day celebrations.

Children and Family Services director retires

After a 33-year career in the Cayman Islands civil service, Alicia “Jen” Dixon retires Tuesday from her post as director of Children and Family Services.

New accountant general named

Cayman has a new accountant general.

Emergency services ignored protocol in road death, review says

The first emergency medical responders did not follow protocol and did not try to resuscitate a man who died in an early morning car accident two years ago, according to an independent review of the death.

Blood pressure kiosk for Brac

The Health Services Authority has installed four new blood pressure machines this year, including one at Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac. The kiosk is the fourth machine to be installed by health services this year, adding to one at the Government Administration Building and two at the Cayman Islands Hospital – one in the General Practice Unit and the other in the atrium of the main entrance.

Auditor General report: Government acted unlawfully on two major deals

The Cayman Islands government went outside the law in signing two major real estate development deals, auditors say.

Ministry of Health passes audit for first time

The Ministry of Health for the first time received an unqualified opinion from the Office of the Auditor General on an audit, which covered the ministry’s 2012-2013 fiscal year.

Arsenic testing under way, doubt cast on poison claim

Researchers from the Pan American Health Organization have taken samples from at least three members of Frank Sound’s Powell family and are scheduling others, while also testing neighbors, plants, cattle and soil for arsenic poisoning.

Charges allege Webb, Watson benefited from hospital contracts

Former FIFA VP Jeffrey Webb and Cayman businessman Canover Watson are alleged to have benefitted from what prosecutors say was a corruptly awarded public hospital contract.

Children and Family Services director retires

Alicia "Jen" Dixon is retiring from her government post after 33 years of service effective Sept. 1.

GT landfill: Still no 'on-site' solution in sight

In use for some 50 years now, the George Town landfill has long been a breeding ground for vermin, pests, pollution, toxins, smoke — and more recently, for consultants’ reports.

Public Health director retires

After 33 years, Dr. Kiran Kumar will retire from his post as medical officer of health.

Archer: Cayman's financial 'freedom' still needs work

The Cayman Islands may indeed emerge from the end of its 2015/16 budget without the United Kingdom needing to approve future government spending plans, Finance Minister Marco Archer confirmed Friday.

Experts warn of cultural tolerance of abuse

The Pan American Health Organization says its reports revealing high levels of sexual and physical violence against children in Caribbean territories, including in the Cayman Islands, demonstrate that work needs to be done across the region to protect and support victims.

Deputy Governor's 5k raises $50,000 for Special Olympics

The Deputy Governor's 5K run/walk raised more than $50,000 for the Special Olympics.

HSA, Heart Fund replacing ambulances

The Health Services Authority and the Cayman Heart Fund are seeking $150,000 to replace one of the hospital’s two decade-old ambulances, kicking off their efforts with Discovery Day’s 5K Walk/Run charity drive.

WHO mental health report cites lack of facility, training

A report from the World Health Organization cites the lack of a national mental health policy and a shortage of beds for psychiatric patients as weaknesses in Cayman’s health system.

What's the problem with kids today?

When it comes to our children - what they’ve been doing, how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking - the Cayman Islands government apparently doesn’t want you to know - at least not in a timely fashion.

Report: 1 in 5 girls sexually abused

Nearly one in five adolescent girls in the Cayman Islands reported that they had been sexually abused, in a comprehensive survey of young people in the territory.

Consultant: No quick fix to landfill leaching

Closing and capping large areas of the George Town landfill will likely be the only way to lessen the potential environmental impact on the North Sound, according to consultants conducting tests at the site.

No solution in sight to dump tire mountain

Government is hoping it will be a case of sixth time lucky as it again seeks to find someone to take the stockpile of used tires at the George Town Landfill off its hands.

Heart issues in focus this week

Cayman Heart Fund will shine a spotlight on heart health issues in Cayman this week.

Firefighters monitor landfill

A fire at the landfill was fully extinguished by late afternoon Sunday.

Auditor's office wins health challenge

Several teams from across the civil services competed to see who could take the most steps in three weeks.

Cayman's Ebola response scaled down

Plans for a field hospital to help handle potential Ebola cases in the Cayman Islands have been abandoned.

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