Police and DoE team up in East End

Environment officers are teaming up with police to help improve enforcement of conservation laws in the eastern districts. 

The Department of Environment will now have officers based out of East End police station, ready to quickly investigate reports of poaching and other crimes. 

Police are also seeking planning approval for construction of a dock at the rear of the police station and a private company has donated a WaveRunner. 

Department of Environment officers have similar powers to police constables when it comes to enforcing the National Conservation Law. Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks, of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, said the partnership would enable the two departments to assist each other. 

He said, “It is common knowledge that areas inside the reefs of East End and North Sound are critical in sustaining marine life for the future, therefore conservation, enforcement and education is necessary in preserving our marine life.” 

“Future partnerships are planned to improve operational response times to marine incidents,” he added. 

His comments were echoed by his deputy area commander, Inspector Dwayne Jones, who said, “We have entered into this agreement because we feel that the community needs our departments to support each another, and the marine life certainly needs protection.” 

Mark Orr, chief enforcement officer with the Department of Environment, said, “We are not only here to enforce the law, but to educate the community and assist in emergency rescue calls, but moreover to gain the public’s trust.” 

Police and Department of Environment join forces.

Police and Department of Environment join forces. From left, back row, Deputy Chief Conservation Officer Ronnie Dougall; DoE Deputy Director, Operations, Scott Slaybaugh; Conservation Officers Chadd Bush, Leonard Hydes, Sean Ladley and Carl Edwards; Police Inspector Dwayne Jones and Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks. Front row: DoE Conservation Officer Maggie Baldino and Chief Conservation Officer Mark Orr.

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