Letter: Supermarkets, please help reduce plastic waste

I am writing because I think that our supermarkets use too much plastic. I strongly recommend that you watch the documentary “A Plastic Ocean.” I have recently watched “A Plastic Ocean” and I am devastated at what I heard and saw.

I feel they are using too much single-use plastic as well as Styrofoam in the form of containers, bags and cutlery. Furthermore, did you know that we have made more plastic in the last decade than in the last century? Scientists believe that there are five trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean that are harming our sea life! I am sure that if you knew the damage that plastic causes, you would not have so much plastic in your supermarket. A whale died a very painful death after a 25-meter plastic sheet became stuck in his digestive system. This could have been stopped if less plastic ended up in our oceans.

In addition, 70 percent of the plastic we are making is sinking to the bottom of the ocean, and this is harming sea life. So you can see what harm it is coming to us, sea life and our beautiful islands and its waters. Plastic is broken down by the sun and sea into small bits of plastic called micro plastic. Fish eat this plastic and the toxins from the plastic end up in the body of the fish. Then we catch the fish, cook and then eat them. So you can say that we are technically eating plastic toxins. Once again, I recommend that our supermarkets try to reduce the amount of plastic they use.

I believe there are a number of things they could do to rectify this problem. Firstly, we need to urge costumers to bring their containers, and stores could give them a discount. If they do not, then just raise the price of the containers. Then supermarkets will not have to buy any more plastic containers. I would also recommend that they use paper containers that are more eco-friendly and are compostable.

Then there is another issue; plastic cutlery, which I think they should ban. It would be cheaper for supermarkets and instead they could sell bamboo or wooden cutlery as well as encourage customers to wash and reuse the plastic cutlery. This is very bad because it not recyclable or compostable. Animals could choke and die from this!

Some people just do not seem to realize that plastic bags are a colossal problem. Some people bring their own bags, which is really good, but many do not. I recommend that supermarkets train their staff not to give out plastic bags, or even ban the use of plastic bags like Cost-U-Less, and just provide cardboard boxes. When I go to Foster’s and other supermarkets they always give us plastic bags. They could also raise the price of plastic bags from 5 cents to 25 cents, which would mean that no one would buy them.

In conclusion, I hope our supermarkets will help us save the earth by reducing the amount of plastic in stores.

Yours Faithfully.
Zara Naomi Roffey
Year 6 student, Cayman Prep

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