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Tracking Cayman’s recyclables

While people’s green efforts may end once they throw their recyclables into the multi-coloured bins at local supermarkets, that is only the beginning of the journey for those plastics and tins.

DEH seeks new location for Red Bay recycling depot

The closure of the recycling depot at Grand Harbour over the weekend has left the Department of Environmental Health in search of a new location for residents of the Red Bay and Prospect communities to deposit recyclables.

CUC exports more than 1 million pounds of recyclable material

Caribbean Utilities Company has implemented a programme that so far has exported the equivalent of almost three "football fields" of recyclable materials, including electrical transformers, waste oil, rubber, copper, steel, brass, aluminium, streetlights, wire, wood and concrete.

New recycling containers for eastern districts

The Department of Environmental Health has placed new recycling containers for public use in the eastern districts.

700 tons of bulk waste collected

The Department of Environmental Health has stressed the need for more recycling efforts after it collected more than 700 tons of materials during its bulk waste campaign in late 2019.

MLAs need to set green example

Over the past few years the world has become more and more aware of the very serious and real damage plastic is doing to...

Letter: Take your recycling home

I have been visiting George Town for approximately 20 years. In the beginning, recycling was not an option. It always felt odd to throw so many items in the garbage.

Letter: Don’t discourage recycling habits

Currently, we are deterring people from continuing to recycle, causing the most detrimental part of our island, the dump, to expand at a rapid rate.

Bigger recycling depot opens in North Side

North Siders are now able to drop off glass and plastic for recycling at an expanded depot in the district.

The Jimi Hendrix bottle cap experience

The spirit of rock legend Jimi Hendrix has been revived in a spectacular 8-foot artwork made entirely from recycled bottle caps.

Local entrepreneur goes 3-D with recycled plastic printing

A local tavern owner envisions a future where recycling no longer involves separating various plastics and hauling them to dedicated dumpsters in the corner of a supermarket parking lot.

Schools get jingle fever

Cayman’s primary school children are literally singing the praises of recycling and waste reduction, with four schools submitting “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” jingles for an Earth Month competition hosted by the Department of Environmental Health.

Letter: Supermarkets, please help reduce plastic waste

I would also recommend that [supermarkets] use paper containers that are more eco-friendly and are compostable.

Recycling, one tire at a time

A company run by Junior Achievement students has found a way to cut down on the number of used tires that end up in the George Town landfill by recycling them into colorful pet beds and eye-catching plant holders.

Cayman Mixologists get creative with eco-friendly cocktails

Cayman has a problem with waste. Anyone who has taken part in a beach clean-up will be familiar with the amount of plastic rubbish that washes up on the sand, while last month the Cayman Compass reported on the issues around recycling efficiently on-island.

Teenagers pioneer recycling initiative in West Bay

Two teenagers, Jade and Luke Barnard, have begun a small-scale recycling business in West Bay at the Shores and at Highlands to encourage people to recycle their trash.

Inadequate recycling

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Recycling efforts: All packaging, little substance

The trouble with “feel-good solutions” is they offer the illusion of progress without addressing the problem. Mollified by the soothing certainty that “someone” is doing “something,” we drift ever farther from any meaningful mitigation or resolution.

Recycling picks up on Cayman

The Cayman Islands Department of Environmental Health says it is busily catching up on the waste it recycles.

Please keep Cayman clean

I write to you as a concerned resident. I have lived in Grand Cayman for a very long time. I have always felt good about living here, but lately I don’t quite understand where our civic pride has gone.

Phone book recycling program begins

Recycling containers are in place throughout Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac for people to drop off their old phone books for recycling.Yello’s annual Yellow2Green recycling program started last week, culminating the weekend before Earth Day, which falls on April 23.

Cabinet approves sending landfill plan out for bids

Cabinet on Tuesday approved a new plan for the George Town landfill, including a waste-to-energy plant to incinerate waste. The new waste management strategy calls for capping the landfill, creating a new recycling facility on the site and reducing the amount of waste going into the landfill by 95 percent.

No new landfill site in waste plan

Turning trash into electricity in a waste-to-energy plant is a central part of government’s new national waste management plan, which includes no new landfill site. Jim Schubert, the senior project manager, said the plant would be key to achieving the ambitious target of diverting 95 percent of waste from landfill.

Firewood an innovative take on recycling

Cutting and splitting wood on a hot day might not be an idea of fun for most people. But for one local known as “Cayman’s recycling king,” it can be good for the pocketbook.

Government taking over recycling depots

The government’s Department of Environmental Health will take over private recycling efforts at seven “curbside” depots throughout Grand Cayman on Wednesday.

Government to take over recycling stations

Starting June 1, private collection and recycling company Junk, owned by former Deputy Premier and Minister of Education Rolston Anglin, will no longer service Cayman’s seven recycling depots.

District students take action for Earth Day

Doing their part for the planet on Earth Day, Year 5 students at Edna M. Moyle Primary School in North Side took the opportunity to educate their fellow students about the serious issue of waste, advocating for the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Recycling program collects 21,000 phone directories

The Cayman Islands Yellow Pages has collected more than 21,000 used phone directories through its annual Yellow2Green recycling program, organizers said.

New recycling depots set up

New recycling drop-off depots have been set up at parks and beaches across the island in a new initiative to help divert more waste away from the George Town landfill site.

Talk sheds light on mangroves

A hands-on presentation on the local mangrove population was one of the latest events taking place on Cayman Brac marking Earth Month.

Meet Cayman’s king of recycling

If there’s anyone who can be considered the embodiment of the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” Bodden Town resident Emile Levy fits the bill.

Phone book recycling under way

Collection bins are in place throughout Grand Cayman for people to drop off their old phone books for recycling.

Recycling firm to remove tires

After five previous unsuccessful attempts to find a buyer for a mountain of scrapped tires at the George Town landfill, officials now plan to pay a recycling firm to get rid of them.

Letter to the Editor: Cayman recycling a mess

Author says recycling bins at supermarkets are not set up properly.

Top stories of 2015: The year of the report

The theme for government in 2015 may well have been “The Year of the Report.” Ministers and civil servants have been going through a yearlong review of the EY Report, which calls for numerous government reforms.

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