Bigger recycling depot opens in North Side

Jennifer Ahearn-Chief Officer in Ministry of Health Environment, Culture & Housing; Captain Eugene Ebanks-Councillor for Environment & Housing; Richard Simms- Acting Director DEH; Michael Haworth-Assistant Director, Solid Waste and Mark Bothwell- Acting Assistant Director, Solid Waste (Operational Support) place bottles into one of the recycling containers.

North Siders are now able to drop off glass and plastic for recycling at an expanded depot in the district.

The Department of Environmental Health depot, located at the North Side Civic Centre, previously recycled only cans but can now be used for recycling glass, type 1 and 2 plastic, as well and tin and aluminum cans, according to officials.

Captain Eugene Ebanks, councilor for environment, officially opened the depot on Tuesday.

The Department of Environmental Health began to expand the number of recycling containers at its depots after observing an uptick in the public’s use of its depots in December last year, according to a release from the department. Since then, DEH has installed seven new recycling containers at four of its supermarket locations.

According to the release, year-end statistics show the department collected and processed for shipping overseas 96 tons of recyclable items in 2018, an increase 23 percent over the 78 tons of recyclables that the department shipped overseas in 2017.

With the upgrading of the North Side depot, the DEH has increased to seven the number of locations, outside of the George Town landfill, where residents can recycle multiple items. Other depot locations include Kirk Market, Hurley’s Grand Harbour and all branches of Foster’s Food Fair.

Containers for recycling mixed paper and cardboard, plastics, tin and aluminum cans, glass and ceramic items are available at each of these depots.

DEH collectors empty recycling containers on Monday, Thursday and Saturday of each week.

The DEH urges members of the public to drop off only clean items and to remove plastic bags before placing them into the recycling containers.

For additional information contact DEH at 949-6696 or email [email protected], website at, or message its Facebook page at