New recycling depots set up

District parks and public beach become new recycling locations

New recycling drop-off depots have been set up at parks and beaches across the island in a new initiative to help divert more waste away from the George Town landfill site.

People can now drop off their plastics, aluminum and glass at receptacles in five “Growing Communities” district parks and at Seven Mile Public Beach, according to a press release from the Dart group.

The initiative is a partnership between the Dart group and trash removal service Junk, which already has recycle bins at various locations across Cayman.

Marked bins for sorted recyclables were placed at each of Growing Communities parks on Feb. 15. These include: Scholars Park in West Bay, Dart Family Park on South Church Street in George Town, Captain Harry McCoy Park in Bodden Town, Jerald Smith Park in North Side and Captain George Dixon Park in East End, as well as Seven Mile Public Beach.

Existing depots at supermarkets, Camana Bay and various other locations on both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac also continue to be used. According to the release, in 2015, more than 825,000 pounds of recyclable materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, aluminum cans and cardboard were collected and processed at the Junk facility.

The glass was hauled to the Dart crushing operation in Camana Bay with the remainder of the materials being shipped to the United States.

“Dart is a company of values. We value our environment and the future of these islands, said Chris Duggan, vice president of Community Development at Dart. “The company has a strong sense of stewardship for the environment and invests in sustainable initiatives that will positively impact the Cayman Islands and its people.

He said Dart recognized “the benefits achieved through recycling and diverting what we can from the landfill and, while Cayman has a long way to go, we are excited to be making this positive step in the right direction.”


  1. While I do not consider myself an environmentalist, I am concerned about the future of our islands. The article about locations for recycling of certain materisls is interesting and quite welcome. I’ve know about the locattions at grovery stores and Camana Bay for quite some time, so there is nothing new there.

    However, I would encourage government to add bings for items such as paint, motor oil, and other nonflammable liquids. As for flammables, I really dont have a suggestion nor the expertise on how to handle those. Also, are people putting florescent bulbs in with glass? Is that the suggested way to recycle those? With increased promote of those bulbs, I’d think recycling those may be an issue.

    Separation and recycling of materials better suited to places than the dumb is a great idea, and will definitely prolong the life of the Georgetown Landfill, which seems to be with us for some time to come.

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