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Dart to hold public meetings on ReGen EIA terms

The Dart-led consortium behind Cayman’s multi-million dollar waste management ReGen project at the George Town landfill will hold three public meetings next month to discuss plans for the site's environmental impact assessment.

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In a series of stories, journalist James Whittaker takes a look at how population growth affects every aspect of infrastructure in the Cayman Islands.
Remediation work on the George Town landfill site was scheduled to begin next week.

Dart: Remediation will reduce fire risk

Remediation work planned for this month at the landfill will significantly reduce the risk of fires at the site, according to the Dart group.
The George Town landfill, also known as Mount Trashmore

UPDATED: Small fire extinguished at the landfill

Cayman Islands Fire Service and the Department of Environmental Health are currently working on the site of small surface landfill fire that is extinguished...

Fire Service: Landfill blaze ‘fully extinguished’

The fire at the vehicle recycling plant at the George Town landfill has been fully extinguished, according to the Fire Service.

Landfill EIA planned for early 2020

An environmental impact assessment into the proposed facilities and programmes for the George Town landfill is expected to begin early this year.

Brac incinerator fixed, but George Town’s now broken

The incinerator at the Cayman Brac landfill is back up and running after being in disrepair for nearly four months – a situation that led to untreated medical waste being dumped in an open trench there, in violation of public health regulations.

Untreated biomedical waste dumped at Brac landfill

Untreated biomedical waste from Faith Hospital is being dumped at the Cayman Brac landfill, a manner of disposal that may violate public health regulations.

Dart chosen to build new waste management facility

A consortium of companies led by Dart Enterprises is in line to take over responsibility for waste management in the Cayman Islands in a 25-year deal that will involve the closure and capping of the existing George Town landfill.

EDITORIAL – The difference between statistics and the truth

It is said that numbers don’t lie, but they certainly can equivocate. We were reminded of that last week by two stories that appeared in the Compass, one about the George Town Landfill and one about unemployment figures.

George Town landfill reopens

The George Town landfill reopened this weekend, after its access road was closed following heavy rains last week. The Department of Environmental Health advised that the landfill had reopened on Saturday.

Premier outlines capital projects, policies on opening day of LA

With the next four years being his last term as the leader of the territory’s government, Premier Alden McLaughlin said on Wednesday in the Legislative Assembly that he “will be leaving everyone on the field” to ensure that his administration delivers on its promises to the Cayman Islands.

Cabinet approves sending landfill plan out for bids

Cabinet on Tuesday approved a new plan for the George Town landfill, including a waste-to-energy plant to incinerate waste. The new waste management strategy calls for capping the landfill, creating a new recycling facility on the site and reducing the amount of waste going into the landfill by 95 percent.

No new landfill site in waste plan

Turning trash into electricity in a waste-to-energy plant is a central part of government’s new national waste management plan, which includes no new landfill site. Jim Schubert, the senior project manager, said the plant would be key to achieving the ambitious target of diverting 95 percent of waste from landfill.

Report urges $538 million public-private effort on landfill

Declaring that existing waste-management systems are unsustainable, a 201-page draft consultant’s report on the George Town landfill on Monday recommends a $538 million, 25-year public-private partnership to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Tire disposal contract confirmed

A contract was signed Monday for the removal of a mountain of used tires from the George Town landfill site.

Premier defends tire disposal project

A contract will be signed this week for the huge pile of tires at the George Town landfill to be shredded and used as fill in development projects around the island, including the newly approved Ironwood golf resort.

Landfill report suggests turning trash into energy

A new solid waste management plan has been finalized that calls for more recycling, composting and an incinerator to turn waste into electricity for the national power grid.

Landfill update: ‘We now have equipment that works’

Operations at the landfill have improved, preventing fires and making the area safer, the director of Environmental Health told the Finance Committee in Legislative Assembly last week.

Firewood an innovative take on recycling

Cutting and splitting wood on a hot day might not be an idea of fun for most people. But for one local known as “Cayman’s recycling king,” it can be good for the pocketbook.

Government taking over recycling depots

The government’s Department of Environmental Health will take over private recycling efforts at seven “curbside” depots throughout Grand Cayman on Wednesday.

EDITORIAL – Required reading for landfill neighbors (i.e. most of us)

The Cayman Islands government might prefer that voters forget about the existence of the George Town Landfill and the latent health threats it poses. We doubt that will happen.

Environmental fund to help pay for tire removal

More than $1 million will be pulled from the government’s Environmental Protection Fund to help pay for removing a mountain of used tires at the George Town Landfill.

Government to take over recycling stations

Starting June 1, private collection and recycling company Junk, owned by former Deputy Premier and Minister of Education Rolston Anglin, will no longer service Cayman’s seven recycling depots.

New recycling depots set up

New recycling drop-off depots have been set up at parks and beaches across the island in a new initiative to help divert more waste away from the George Town landfill site.

Hard course

Recycling firm to remove tires

After five previous unsuccessful attempts to find a buyer for a mountain of scrapped tires at the George Town landfill, officials now plan to pay a recycling firm to get rid of them.
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EDITORIAL – Divining the lessons of Flint, Michigan

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is a terrible and terrifying story of government gone wrong, and ordinary people, primarily children, suffering as a result.

‘The Beast’ roars into mulching action

The George Town Landfill has a new addition – a horizontal wood grinder Caterpillar C15 2680, a.k.a. The Beast, which will be used to mulch vegetation waste.

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