Letter to the Editor: Cayman recycling a mess

How pleased I was to see recycling stations appear at supermarkets.

However, it is obvious to anyone that the containers are not fit for the purpose. Whoever was responsible for ordering the containers obviously did not know what happens elsewhere in the world.

Where else are small plastic bins with lids used for glass? … Answer: nowhere.

Where else are bins which have dirty heavy lids that one has to lift to put your recycled plastic etc. into the bins used? … Answer: nowhere

I could not believe how I saw that these metal containers were being emptied at Kirk’s the other day. Two guys, one actually standing in the bin, were having to shovel the mixed recycling materials into large canvas bags.

Judging by the mess that regularly surrounds the recycling stations, either the containers are not big enough or they are not emptied frequently enough.

Recycling in Cayman, in my humble opinion, is a mess.

Fit-for-purpose containers are vital and the recycled materials must be collected from stations in a manner fit for the 21st century. If the private company cannot do it then the government must take over the recycling program.

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