Recycling containers are in place throughout Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac for people to drop off their old phone books for recycling.

Yello’s annual Yellow2Green recycling program started last week, culminating the weekend before Earth Day, which falls on Sunday, April 23.

All of the collected directories will be shipped to the GreenFiber recycling plant in the United States, where they will be converted into a special material used for home insulation.

“We share in the passion for the preservation of our environment and are excited to partner with local retailers that will act as drop off centers for the used books,” said Melanie Shambaugh, marketing manager for Yello.

So far Yellow2Green has saved more than 170,000 directories from the George Town landfill, according to a press release.

The recycling locations on Grand Cayman are Foster’s Food Fair at the airport, the Strand, Republix and Countryside, Hurley’s supermarket, the Chamber of Commerce and the Yello office across from the airport post office.

On Cayman Brac, drop off locations are West End Primary School, Creek and Spot Bay Junior School, Layman E. Scott High School and the UCCI campus.

For information, contact Melanie Shambaugh at 814-1762, email [email protected] or visit

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