DEH seeks new location for Red Bay recycling depot

The closure of the recycling depot at Grand Harbour over the weekend has left the Department of Environmental Health in search of a new location for residents of the Red Bay and Prospect communities to deposit recyclables.

DEH Assistant Director of Solid Waste Michael Haworth has urged impacted residents not to stop recycling and to make use of other recycling depots based at other local supermarkets.

“We at DEH are keen to expand the programme. We want to take more materials… as much as you can give us really, but the [Grand Harbour] ownership there decided that it [recycling] might not be for them and they had other priorities. We understand and accept that,” he said in an interview with the Cayman Compass Monday.

This closed sign was posted where the recycling depot was located near Hurley’s supermarket. – Photo: Alvaro Serey

The recycling depot located at Grand Harbour officially closed Saturday. When the Compass visited the site Monday, the recycling bins were cleared and a sign posted notifying the public of the closure.

The sign urged the public not to leave any items at that site and instead utilise the recycling depots at Kirk Market, Foster’s Countryside or Foster’s Camana Bay.

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Haworth said the DEH will notify the public when a new site is selected for recycling drop-offs for the Red Bay and Prospect communities.

“In the meantime, we’re looking for other locations to continue to expand. If people need to drop off their own recycling, there are numerous other locations at all the other supermarkets. I know people probably don’t do the shopping at one supermarket; I know I don’t. Just go to the one you use and there’ll still be a location for you to drop your stuff off,” he said.

Haworth thanked Grand Harbour for their support of the recycling scheme up to now.

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