CUC exports more than 1 million pounds of recyclable material

CUC has exported 1.1 million pounds of recyclable materials from its power plant that otherwise would have found their way into the landfill.

Caribbean Utilities Company has implemented a programme that so far has exported the equivalent of almost three “football fields” of recyclable materials, including electrical transformers, waste oil, rubber, copper, steel, brass, aluminium, street lights, wire, wood and concrete.

The 1.1 million pounds of recyclable materials were causing a bottleneck at CUC’s power plant, according to Chad Powell, CUC manager materials.

In a press release, Powell said the key benefit of the programme, in partnership with Pompano Beach, Florida-based Cadwell Inc., is that large amounts of material will be kept out of the landfill. He noted that CUC had already been able “to clean up and export almost three ‘football fields’ worth of recyclable materials”.

“This helps to extend the life of the landfill while reducing the risk of pollution and fires,” he said.

Some of the freed-up green space is now being dedicated to expanded training for CUC’s workforce, the electricity provider said.

Joan Cadwell, president and co-founder of Cadwell, said as a result of the project, “CUC was able to create jobs by hiring local contractors and hauling providers to accomplish what has taken a total of 7,100-man hours over the past six months.”

The recycling-distribution company identified the best recyclers in the United States for export to lower the cost of labour, transportation and container freight.

CUC also noted that it plans to use its new industrial shredder to process an additional 500 pounds of recyclable materials per quarter.

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