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Dominic Dyer: Love trumps hate

It is difficult to understand why people are so strongly opposed to the granting of equal rights to their fellow country people.

Letter: Reasons to oppose voting rights for UK citizens

Even if this recommendation is not ultimately adopted now, it may return in future. Even if it does not, there will be other unacceptable prescriptions over time.

Letter: A rebuttal to the premier’s Chamber of Commerce address

They say the project will yield $245 million in economic benefits. An interesting figure. Where does this come from and, more importantly, who does it go to?

Letter: Miller expands on CIAA concerns

For the record, for you as editor and the public, my press release never at any time stated or implied that the CIAA should not recruit from overseas, but it did ask for a review of the recruitment plan, and that the CIAA consider replacing the terms being offered with more temporary arrangements that would prioritize training and professional development of Caymanians.

Letter: Former resident enjoys her recent visit

I cannot say I am enamoured by the number of concrete buildings and traffic jams there are now on the island, but tourism and tax planning bring jobs and everyone seemed happy!

Letter: Legislative drafters are failing government

In nearly 12 years of working in the Cayman government, I never met a single instructing official who understood what their role was in the preparation of legislation and could play it effectively.

Letter: Petitions are effective

A petition for or against a referendum about constructing a permanent cruise ship pier in George Town harbor will take years to resolve.

Letter: Ambushed by wild dogs

How many people will have to be attacked before the dogs are taken care of properly?

Letter: Advice for Cayman’s drivers

Slow down, especially when there is oncoming traffic on narrow roads like South Sound. The brake pedal is next to the accelerator.

Letter: Audits are about more than rules

My job is interesting because of the shades of gray and need for judgment and interpretation of what I find during audit, and I would be bored to tears if “the world were orderly and neat.”

Letter: Say no to 50-story buildings

Totally ridiculous, McKeeva Bush’s calling for 50-story buildings on Cayman’s beachfronts (“Speaker calls for 50-story buildings on Seven Mile Beach,” Jan. 3)! Surely Mr....

Letter: Bringing laws into force should not be left to Cabinet

To address this issue, some countries have a general rule that legislation brought to the legislative assembly must contain a date on which it is expected to come into force.

Letter – Port proposal puts cart before the horse

George Town will not be revitalized by cruise ship passengers; it would be revitalized by people living in George Town who want to be within walking distance of the offices in which they work.

Letter: Preserving Barkers

Once one part of the area is developed, then plans will be submitted for further development and Barkers will end up like Seven Mile Beach, with miles of hotels, restaurants and shops.

Letter: Barkers is a special place for many people

Does anybody believe that tourists visit for a taste of Cayman? A little bit of rustic, Caribbean music and Caymankind? Or is that all to be totally lost?

Balancing heritage and development

The National Trust, like many environmental groups and individuals, recognizes the need for sustainable economic development, but not to the detriment of our natural heritage; this is what makes the Cayman Islands unique and is the primary reason people choose to visit.

Letter: Uzzell will be missed

He was always very approachable and seemed to go out of his way for all of those he met. Quite a character, at a time when Cayman had more than its fair share of those.

Letter: Remembering Arthur Hunter

CILPA would like to express condolences to his family, friends and those who had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Hunter.

Letter: DoA explains import rules for Christmas trees

The potential economic and environmental impacts of invasive pests are real and serious.

Letter: Trash in Bodden Town

The irony is the slogan touted some time ago, “No garbage in Bodden Town.” Now, my residents, you have it.

Letter: Cayman Christmas trees

Back in the day – 30 years ago – those of us on the Brac and Little Cayman who wanted Christmas trees (which were not imported to the Sister Islands) would hack down our own gorgeous Maypole Agave “trees” and haul them home to decorate for a Cayman Christmas!

Letter: Legalize numbers games

All progressive countries in the world have national lotteries, or some form of chance to improve one’s lot in life through scratch cards or buying numbers.

Letter: Managing downtown traffic flows

In principle, I do not oppose the building of the new cruise terminal, but having worked in George Town for nearly 40 years, I can say that the influx of a large number more cruise passengers to George Town would make the problem of getting to and leaving from work there a complete nightmare.

Letter: Seek solutions to traffic congestion

Hopefully this will not just create more interest and talk, but start some action toward finding solutions. Quality of life in Cayman should not be allowed to slip!

Hew: Liability insurance has never been required for business license

Liability insurance has never been a requirement to obtain a licence under the Trade and Business Licensing Law.

Letter: Solving traffic gridlock

This is not about politics or any one group of people, this is about our island home and the comfort we all should live in.

Letter: Cars are an eyesore

Despite promises made by previous ministers regarding the prohibition of vehicles being offered for sale along the side of our thoroughfares, the ever-growing car lot on West Bay Road, opposite Queen’s Court, is an eyesore and certainly lowers the tone of the area.
Cayman Compass is the Cayman Islands' most trusted news website. We provide you with the latest breaking news from the Cayman Islands, as well as other parts of the Caribbean.

EDITORIAL – Comments policy: No ‘no names,’ no pen names

A growing, and we believe consequential, debate is taking place in the media world about the perils of publishing “anonymous submissions.”

Letter: Celebrating International Literacy Day

LIFE encourages the Cayman community to focus on the foundations of literacy for skills development today so that all our citizens can share in a successful tomorrow.

Letter: Names reflect appreciation

Cayman does this sort of thing very well – naming buildings, institutions and roads after people who have made such a difference in recent times.

Letter: Reducing the high cost of living

Cayman is a world leader in some instances, while an increasing number of persons each year have to go on welfare. Why is this?

Letter: Select Vantage Inc. responds

Select Vantage Inc. (SVI) is disappointed that the Cayman Compass published its article without first seeking comment from SVI. If comment had been sought, SVI could have corrected some significant errors in the article.

Letter: Seven Mile Beach restaurants will be missed

There needs to be more than a place to throw down a beach towel.

Letter – Why Anti-Corruption Commission investigators should be armed

I write in reply to your editorial of July 30, (“Don’t answer the latest call to arms”) which asks a few questions of me.

LETTER: Choudhury investigation must run its course

Please be assured that we will provide further updates on the situation as soon as we are able to do so in a manner that upholds the fairness and integrity of the investigation.

Letter: Prioritize safety

Safety and security of visitors while in the Cayman Islands is paramount and key to the desirability of “Caymans” as a world tourist destination.

Letter – Celebrate values like courage and fairness

I saw Kirkland Nixon toe-to-toe with captains of industry and high-priced attorneys on fundamental principles, and on each occasion principle to him was like bedrock.

Premier: During hurricane season 2018, be prepared

No two hurricanes are alike and while prognosticators tell us how many storms will form and how powerful they will be, they cannot predict any one storm’s disposition.

Letter: Wonderful memories of Grand Cayman

In 1971 … the Legislative Assembly Building and Law Courts were yet to appear. There was no TV or radio and we never locked our front door or took the keys out of the car.

Letter: MRCU responds to GeneWatch FOI release

New MRCU Director Jim McNelly Ph.D. says his team and Oxitec are in agreement on how, where and when to proceed with the evaluation. It will also be up to MRCU to evaluate what success will look like.

Letter: Disgusted by untreated medical waste

It’s well past time that the Cayman Islands Government’s Department of Environmental Health finally put paid to the long-simmering issue of the Brac’s abysmal landfill and its poisonous smoke polluting the sweet air.

Letter: The values of Kirkland Nixon

Let us all thank God that we were blessed with such a special man as Mr. Nixon.
Cayman Compass is the Cayman Islands' most trusted news website. We provide you with the latest breaking news from the Cayman Islands, as well as other parts of the Caribbean.

Support efforts to resist ownership registry

The Cayman Islands government should be supported by everyone in its efforts to address the U.K.’s recent action to progress a bill pushing us to implement a public beneficial ownership registry by 2020.

Letter: Supermarkets, please help reduce plastic waste

I would also recommend that [supermarkets] use paper containers that are more eco-friendly and are compostable.

Letter: Proud of Cayman’s generosity

When there is so much bad news about, we found shaking a tin a very uplifting experience. If you get an opportunity to do it in the future, we would recommend it. It will make you feel good.

Letter: Goodbye to governor, from Cayman Brac

She was an exemplary representative of H.M. Government and beloved in the Cayman Islands during her tenure.
Cayman Compass

Letter: ‘School is in’ at Layman E. Scott Sr. High School

The secondary modern high school opened 50 years ago this year on The Brac and boldly boasts of students excelling in CXC, IGCSE and in other extracurricular activities.

Letter: Eat more lionfish

Let’s all do our part to help the sea we all love.

Letter: Everyone plays a part in waste disposal

Whilst fingers point to local government, accusing it of not doing enough, surely everyone, including tourists, should be playing their part in disposing of waste responsibly.

Letter: Miss Olive’s honor is well deserved

She is wonderful and loved by so many!

Letter: Protect Cayman’s waters

This past visit, it was really apparent to me something needs to be done with respect to protecting the waters, the creatures and the reefs from too many tourists that have no clue or respect.

Letter: Warning system needed

We can and must do so much better.

Letter: Carnival music kept visitors awake

If you are to do that again, loud music should stop at 10 p.m.

Premier Alden McLaughlin: Merry Christmas, Cayman

These are exciting times for our Islands and we have a bright future ahead of us. So yes on this Christmas day, as a country, we have much to be thankful for.

Letter: No New Year’s Eve music or dancing? Live with it

I am one musician who is more than happy to stay home on New Year’s Eve, and I’m very delighted that some old traditions still hold strong in these islands.

LETTER: Do not give in to to EU’s ‘naked ambition’

Premier Alden McLaughlin, Minister Roy McTaggart and Mr. Saunders deserve to be commended for standing up for Cayman’s financial services industry

Letter: What about the eastern districts?

If this is a government of national unity, then make sure you use that “unite” part to help the East.

Letter: New Foster’s location will be inconvenient

As a long-term renter of a condo on mid-SMB, I am concerned where I and all the other visitors and owners of the condos (and hotel guests) in that area will get groceries.

LETTER – A centre for national culture and recreation

Cayman is already on the world stage for financial services; it is time that audacity and imagination carried Cayman to the world stage in culture and recreation.

Letter: Look beyond ‘business as usual’ to find cancer cure

If Cayman can play any part whatsoever … in further developing immunotherapy, this would certainly be a proud achievement.

Letter: Lilian Pearson was loved, will be missed

My family and I wish to offer my condolences and sympathy to the family of Lillian Pearson who recently died.

Visitor is concerned by growth

I hope you get a handle on things. It’s just like driving around in the U.S.: stressful.

Letter – A lovely vacation on the Brac

It is low key, not commercial, and just a lovely place to spend a lovely vacation, with delightful people interested in leaving a good impression of their island.

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