Letter: New Foster’s location will be inconvenient

Reading of Foster’s plan to close the Strand store and move to Camana Bay sent a chill down my spine. I am puzzled by the move. Usually a store locates where the majority of its customers are. I fail to see how a move to Camana Bay will serve more customers than it does now. Perhaps the reasoning is to make the new properties that will be developed by Dart on that end of Seven Mile Beach more appealing because of easier access to the grocery store? Whatever the reason, I fail to see this move as a positive benefit for the stay-over tourist.

As a long-term renter of a condo on mid-SMB, I am concerned where I and all the other visitors and owners of the condos (and hotel guests) in that area will get groceries. There’s no way we can walk to Camana Bay and lug bags of groceries back. Gone will be the ability to load up and push the cart back to the condo (a system which was convenient and seems to work well with the carts being retrieved and returned to the store often). For those of us who do not rent a car, the absence of a close grocery store is going to be a major problem. And this will be a problem for hundreds (thousands?) of people staying on a huge stretch of SMB that is mostly condo and hotel properties.

Cindy Smith
Iowa, U.S.


  1. Perhaps the new location will be inconvenient to those who stroll across the street to fill carts with an item or two only to abandon those very carts on our streets and sidewalks. However, a new, larger, more modern store with adequate parking in well-maintained parking areas and structures will be a boom to the majority of us who patronize Fosters all year round.

    As the future use of the company’s current store is still undecided, perhaps a new, smaller quick stop, full service store could be the replacement.

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