Foster’s Food Fair IGA intends to open a new supermarket in Camana Bay, pending Planning Department approval for the new 60,000-square-foot store.

Foster’s Managing Director Woody Foster said Tuesday that if the planning application is approved, the current Foster’s supermarket location at the Strand shopping center along West Bay Road will close. Mr. Foster said the company would also eventually shutter the smaller Bay Market Foster’s store at Camana Bay.

“It’ll take a couple of years” to close the Strand operation, Mr. Foster said Tuesday.

The new Camana Bay market would be the largest Foster’s IGA location. The company has also sought permission to build a four-level parking structure nearby that can accommodate 325 vehicles. In addition, the application seeks a 50-foot-wide pedestrian walkway to run between the supermarket and the parking garage.

The project is expected to take two years to complete.

A joint press release from Dart Real Estate and Foster’s IGA said outdoor seating is planned throughout the area and that solar panels would be installed on the parking structure and the supermarket building.

According to Mr. Foster, “We have enjoyed great success with our Bay Market location at Camana Bay and we are excited to open a new supermarket where there is more space for shoppers.”

Mr. Foster said the family business would remain committed to “everyday offerings and pricing structure.” He said the new store would also offer more brand variety gourmet foods, but would maintain “core offerings” at the store.

“We are thrilled that Foster’s Food Fair is expanding their relationship with us,” said Dart Real Estate President Jackie Doak. “Customers will enjoy a larger supermarket, complete with natural light, covered walkways and covered parking.”

This aerial view shows the proposed parking structure on the lower right and the supermarket on the upper left, with the Fidelity roundabout to the north.

The fate of the Strand shopping center in the heart of the Seven Mile Beach tourism district is unclear.

Part of the center was offered for sale in 2015 for US$15 million, however that price did not include the Foster’s IGA building, which the Foster family owns. It also did not include the Kirk Freeport office space.

Mr. Foster said the family does not intend to sell their portion of the Strand center building, but he did not state what he intended to do with the building once the supermarket moved out.

“I’ve got a few ideas in the pipeline, but we’ve haven’t decided yet,” Mr. Foster said.

RE/MAX real estate owner-broker Kim Lund confirmed Tuesday that at this stage, the Strand sale offering does not include either the Foster’s or Kirk Freeport premises.

“Our client owned 24 other stores in the Strand and those are the ones that we are selling,” Mr. Lund said.

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