Letter: The values of Kirkland Nixon

I am currently in the U.K. and read your paper every day. There is no other country in the world like the Cayman Islands.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kirkland Nixon approximately 10 years ago on a very serious matter. During that meeting, to lighten the subject, Mr. Nixon talked about his orchids with such a passion that I was fixed at listening to every word. Ever since then, I have always looked at orchids in any garden center I visit.

Your article in the Compass (“Kirkland Nixon passes away,” May 1) had a message from our premier, the Honourable Alden Mclaughlin, who wrote, “Kirkland epitomized the best Caymanian values: patriotism, hard work and diligence, honesty, integrity and fairness, frankness, common sense and judgment.”

With these words, I started to think and think! I have come across many members of our society, from the judiciary to lawyers, from immigration to pensions, from health to education, from the man or woman in the taxi to the bank manager, and the one thread the Cayman Islands has in common is what I call the “Cayman thread,” as it was described by our premier.

Cayman values are all around us. We cannot see them, touch them, smell them or eat them, but Cayman, more than anywhere in the world, exhibits the values described by our premier.

Let us all thank God that we were blessed with such a special man as Mr. Nixon.

Keith Myers

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