Letter: Disgusted by untreated medical waste

Fiercely disgusting and outrageous, the disposal of biohazardous medical waste at the Cayman Brac dump on South Side!

The dump on the South Side at the foot of the Bluff – Queen’s Crown Land – has been a bone of contention for the past 30 years. Like the underground fires that smoulder and break out from time to time on these neglected and dangerous acres, the dumping of untreated medical waste in red plastic biohazard bags, free to any foragers – chickens, people, feral animals, birds and insects – is a crime being purveyed to the population of Cayman Brac.

It’s well past time that the Cayman Islands Government’s Department of Environmental Health finally put paid to the long-simmering issue of the Brac’s abysmal landfill and its poisonous smoke polluting the sweet air. And past time, too, that the Cayman Compass invests in an office and talented reporter on Cayman Brac to deal with all the economic issues that affect the Brac. Such as the two abandoned and neglected hotels on the southwest end of the island. Alas, the irresponsibility of the Department of Environmental Health is staggering.

Nan Socolow

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