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Indefensible of Premier Alden McLaughlin to hold the Port Berthing Referendum vote six days before Christmas, 2019!

Letter: Managing sargassum

Too much seaweed and not enough gardens these days.

Letter: Safe travels to Brac visitors

So happy to see that their serendipitous trip following Christopher Columbus’s 1495 discovery of the Brac and the Cayman Islands ended up with their celebrating the Sabbath at Temple Beth Shalom.

Letter: Petitions are effective

A petition for or against a referendum about constructing a permanent cruise ship pier in George Town harbor will take years to resolve.

Letter: Say no to 50-story buildings

Totally ridiculous, McKeeva Bush’s calling for 50-story buildings on Cayman’s beachfronts (“Speaker calls for 50-story buildings on Seven Mile Beach,” Jan. 3)! Surely Mr....

Letter: Cayman Christmas trees

Back in the day – 30 years ago – those of us on the Brac and Little Cayman who wanted Christmas trees (which were not imported to the Sister Islands) would hack down our own gorgeous Maypole Agave “trees” and haul them home to decorate for a Cayman Christmas!

Letter: Prioritize safety

Safety and security of visitors while in the Cayman Islands is paramount and key to the desirability of “Caymans” as a world tourist destination.

Letter: Disgusted by untreated medical waste

It’s well past time that the Cayman Islands Government’s Department of Environmental Health finally put paid to the long-simmering issue of the Brac’s abysmal landfill and its poisonous smoke polluting the sweet air.

Letter: Goodbye to governor, from Cayman Brac

She was an exemplary representative of H.M. Government and beloved in the Cayman Islands during her tenure.

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