Letter: Managing sargassum

The quantities of sargassum seaweed on Cayman beaches is caused by climate-warming and pollution of our oceans by mankind. Climate change is not a hoax. It’s real as rain. Sargassum infestations in the Caribbean (and around the world) exude hydrogen sulfide which causes death to pelagic sea-life, turtles, fish, etc., and causes illness in human beings – respiratory problems, nausea, tearing and burning eyes, great malaise. Seaweed species are the ancient ‘trees of the oceans’ but our oceans are being polluted by mankind’s use of them as a waste-bin for plastic trash and industrial chemicals.
The seas are warming and rising as Earth’s polar ice-caps melt and we humans are being shown by Mother Nature that our planet is in danger of extinction. In the meanwhile, where can the tons of stinking sargassum weed on Cayman’s beaches go? In the old days, island folk raked the weed and backed it to their gardens for compost. Too much seaweed and not enough gardens these days.
Nan Socolow

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