Letter: Goodbye to governor, from Cayman Brac

Congratulations to Helen Kilpatrick, our excellent Governor of the Cayman Islands from 2013 until now. She was an exemplary representative of H.M. Government and beloved in the Cayman Islands during her tenure.

I have been fortunate to live under the following Governors of the Cayman Islands from 1983 to today: George Lloyd, Alan Scott, Michael Gore, John Owen, Peter Smith, Bruce Dinwiddy, Stuart Jack, Duncan Taylor and Her Excellency, Helen Kilpatrick.

Having been blessed and allowed to live in Cayman Brac for 28+ years, as an American expat, I am grateful for my years of life on that extraordinary island. Called “the island time forgot,” it is sui generis, and has not been forgotten in regard to the human comforts of fresh sweet sea air, exquisite flora lining the roads with flowers, and tropical bushes and trees inland and by the sea that provide medicine for the Brackers who know where to look for “bush meds.”

The prehistoric geology of the Bluff – the limestone cliff that runs like a spine from West End to Long Beach on the eastern end of the “beloved isle” – is astonishing to see!

Fresh air and safety are what all human beings – regardless of their countries of origin, regardless of their skin color and religion or lack of religion – crave in our too-hurried and frantic world today.

The United States (my “motherland”) is sadly lacking today in personal safety, fresh air and unpolluted waters to drink.

The American gun issue and our Constitution’s Second Amendment (from 1791) which allows the legal purchase of guns and firearms and military weapons of war is unsolvable now. Death by guns, innocent schoolchildren and adults massacred by mentally ill shooters is beyond tragic.

Firearms are not permitted to enter the Cayman Islands. Cayman Brac is an island much like the Massachusetts islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard were decades ago. Unhurried, beautiful sea vistas, tranquil, before the pollution of cybertechnololgy today.

Tranquility exists on the Brac. Here’s hoping Caymans’ new Governor, His Excellency Anwar Choudhury from Bangladesh (and his family), will enjoy a good life among Caymanians and people from all countries allowed to live and work on the three islands south of Cuba, West of Jamaica and East of Honduras.

He is following in the very fine “wompers” of Governor Helen Kilpatrick!

Nan Socolow

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