Letter: Say no to 50-story buildings

Totally ridiculous, McKeeva Bush’s calling for 50-story buildings on Cayman’s beachfronts (“Speaker calls for 50-story buildings on Seven Mile Beach,” Jan. 3)! Surely Mr. Bush (and the entire CI Government) is aware that the Cayman Islands are located upon the Cayman Trench (aka Bartlett Deep, Bartlett Trough) which is 7,500 meters deep (25,217 feet deep). The Cayman Abyss is the geographic and geologic tectonic boundary between the North American and the Caribbean Plates. Fifty-story buildings in Cayman would fall like dominoes in an earthquake or Category 5 hurricane. Mr. Bush, read “The Sixth Extinction”, the Pulitzer Prize-winning book by E. Kolbert. Skyscrapers aren’t needed on Cayman waterfront!

Nan Socolow