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Letter: Ban single-use plastic to protect marine life

I hope that you after you read this letter you will at least consider banning single-use plastic. Please think of all of those suffering creatures and do something!

Letter: Concerned about water testing and reporting

Citizens and visitors deserve to know their beaches are safe for recreation and be notified when they are not.

Letter: After same-sex marriage ruling, it is important for stories to be heard

Now, when I hear the Premier’s words of the appeal that the decision, I think it is more important than ever to have one’s story heard.

Letter: On World Autism Day, my future looks bright

There are so many people in Cayman making big strides to support our visions of greatness and inclusion and I’m eternally grateful for those who have stood by me through the ups and down.
Leonardo Raznovich speaking at a 2016 conference on LGBT issues in the Caribbean.

Letter: With same-sex marriage ruling, Cayman became a fairer society

To those that oppose this decision as a matter of principle rather than with hate, I say this: denying two people the ability to love one another, to commit to each other and to support each other throughout life, in good and in bad times, to have that love respected and protected by the country in which you were born and raised, is the cruellest of all evils.

Letter: Would a bridge over North Sound ease traffic woes?

Well, at the risk of being laughed at, scoffed at, ridiculed by many and condemned by the environmentalists among us, has anyone spared a thought to bridge the North Sound?

Letter: Ambushed by wild dogs

How many people will have to be attacked before the dogs are taken care of properly?

Letter: Advice for Cayman’s drivers

Slow down, especially when there is oncoming traffic on narrow roads like South Sound. The brake pedal is next to the accelerator.

Letter: Audits are about more than rules

My job is interesting because of the shades of gray and need for judgment and interpretation of what I find during audit, and I would be bored to tears if “the world were orderly and neat.”

Letter: Say no to 50-story buildings

Totally ridiculous, McKeeva Bush’s calling for 50-story buildings on Cayman’s beachfronts (“Speaker calls for 50-story buildings on Seven Mile Beach,” Jan. 3)! Surely Mr....

Letter: Bringing laws into force should not be left to Cabinet

To address this issue, some countries have a general rule that legislation brought to the legislative assembly must contain a date on which it is expected to come into force.

Letter: Preserving Barkers

Once one part of the area is developed, then plans will be submitted for further development and Barkers will end up like Seven Mile Beach, with miles of hotels, restaurants and shops.

Letter: Barkers is a special place for many people

Does anybody believe that tourists visit for a taste of Cayman? A little bit of rustic, Caribbean music and Caymankind? Or is that all to be totally lost?

Balancing heritage and development

The National Trust, like many environmental groups and individuals, recognizes the need for sustainable economic development, but not to the detriment of our natural heritage; this is what makes the Cayman Islands unique and is the primary reason people choose to visit.

Letter: Uzzell will be missed

He was always very approachable and seemed to go out of his way for all of those he met. Quite a character, at a time when Cayman had more than its fair share of those.

Letter: Remembering Arthur Hunter

CILPA would like to express condolences to his family, friends and those who had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Hunter.

Letter: DoA explains import rules for Christmas trees

The potential economic and environmental impacts of invasive pests are real and serious.

Letter: Trash in Bodden Town

The irony is the slogan touted some time ago, “No garbage in Bodden Town.” Now, my residents, you have it.

Letter: Cayman Christmas trees

Back in the day – 30 years ago – those of us on the Brac and Little Cayman who wanted Christmas trees (which were not imported to the Sister Islands) would hack down our own gorgeous Maypole Agave “trees” and haul them home to decorate for a Cayman Christmas!

Letter: Legalize numbers games

All progressive countries in the world have national lotteries, or some form of chance to improve one’s lot in life through scratch cards or buying numbers.

Letter: Managing downtown traffic flows

In principle, I do not oppose the building of the new cruise terminal, but having worked in George Town for nearly 40 years, I can say that the influx of a large number more cruise passengers to George Town would make the problem of getting to and leaving from work there a complete nightmare.

Letter: Solving traffic gridlock

This is not about politics or any one group of people, this is about our island home and the comfort we all should live in.

Letter: Celebrating International Literacy Day

LIFE encourages the Cayman community to focus on the foundations of literacy for skills development today so that all our citizens can share in a successful tomorrow.

Letter: Names reflect appreciation

Cayman does this sort of thing very well – naming buildings, institutions and roads after people who have made such a difference in recent times.

Letter: MRCU responds to GeneWatch FOI release

New MRCU Director Jim McNelly Ph.D. says his team and Oxitec are in agreement on how, where and when to proceed with the evaluation. It will also be up to MRCU to evaluate what success will look like.

Letter: Protect Cayman’s waters

This past visit, it was really apparent to me something needs to be done with respect to protecting the waters, the creatures and the reefs from too many tourists that have no clue or respect.

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