Letter: Ban single-use plastic to protect marine life

Dear Hon. Dwayne S. Seymour: I am writing to inform you about the many concerned people with worries about single-use plastic. I hope after you read this letter the government will ban single-use plastic.

Firstly, single-use plastic is killing our magnificent marine life at a disturbing pace. Recently, on March 16, a whale was found on a beach dead after consuming 40 kilogrammes of plastic bags and it has not been the only time! Not just whales, our birds, as well. That is horrible, would you not agree?

At the moment, we are producing way too much plastic: 20 million plastic bottles are made each day and 300 million end up in the ocean in a year. Is that not terrible?

What is really annoying is that 50% of that is single-use plastic and this is why we need to ban it, like Kenya has.

I hope that you after you read this letter you will at least consider banning single-use plastic. Please think of all of those suffering creatures and do something!

Caitlin Angela Doran
Cayman Prep, Year 6

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