Letter: Look beyond ‘business as usual’ to find cancer cure

Last Saturday I attended the cancer symposium that was put on by the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and others at the Marriott hotel. These folks must be congratulated on a job well done.

Cayman is so fortunate to have the caliber of folks representing some of the best hospitals and cancer experts to come down here and make their time and expertise available for anyone who was interested.

As a cancer patient, I am continuously researching and discussing with my doctors and other experts on what miracles are on the horizon that would benefit me. I was amazed, surprised and excited to know that some of this cutting-edge treatment in the form of immunotherapy is happening right here on Grand Cayman. After two years of surgery, chemo and radiation, I have exhausted all the traditional treatments. But immunotherapy is making incredible advances and every person who is interested in this subject should pay attention. The presentation made by Dr. George Peoples of Perseus Cayman Clinical Treatment Center was incredible.

I urge the Cayman public and the government to embrace and support these initiatives which are all FDA approved and being conducted on island.

As everyone knows, the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest business in the world and the FDA is a slow bureaucracy. There are medicines which have been ready for clinical trials for over 10 years but held up in the belly of the FDA bureaucracy, while people die. Thankfully, the new Trump administration is shaking this up and expediting these approvals.

The cure for cancer will not be coming from an industry and government whose sole purpose is treatments and the billions of dollars generated from this annually. I believe the cure will come from those brave enough and smart enough to step outside of the “business as usual” box and challenge the status quo; examples of these people are all around us – the electric light, the telephone, the internet and the Apple iPhone are just a few.

If Cayman can play any part whatsoever in facilitating and expediting these vaccines and processes in further developing immunotherapy, this would certainly be a proud achievement. More importantly, it will save lives.

The Cancer Society is a life saver for so many and I understand they are assisting almost 300 people, many without insurance, income or savings. The generosity of the private sector to continue supporting this worthy cause is without doubt one of the truly unique qualities that make Cayman so different and so special and it should make us all proud.

When we are looking for folks to put on our heroes wall next January, look no further than the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Bo Miller




If Cayman can play any part whatsoever … in further developing immunotherapy, this would certainly be a proud achievement.

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