LETTER: Choudhury investigation must run its course

In response to recent media coverage surrounding the withdrawal of Governor Choudhury to London, pending the outcome of a conduct investigation, we would like to provide an update.

The investigation process is being carried out in accordance with established procedures in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The FCO has robust policies and procedures in place and works hard to ensure that all staff can raise complaints in the confidence that they will be taken extremely seriously and acted upon. Procedures are in place to ensure that investigations into any member of staff are conducted in a manner that is fair to all. It is normal for these investigations to take some time to complete to enable a full and accurate picture to be acquired. It is not possible at this stage to provide a clear assessment of the time it will take to complete.

Until a conclusion is reached it would be inappropriate and unfair to the staff involved, including Mr. Choudhury, for the Governor’s Office, Cayman Islands Government or the FCO to comment on the nature of the allegations. We are aware of the rumors circulating in the community but we will not be responding to these. While we understand the public interest in this issue we must respect the privacy of all parties involved.

Franz Manderson will continue as Acting Governor. He has the full support of the FCO and the Cayman Islands Government. The Acting Governor continues to be supported by the staff in the Governor’s Office and the wider Civil Service as they work closely together on a wide range of issues and projects. These include progress on critical and long-standing initiatives to strengthen Cayman’s border, maritime and internal security, prison monitoring reform, child safeguarding, trade policy and disaster management, among others.

Please be assured that we will provide further updates on the situation as soon as we are able to do so in a manner that upholds the fairness and integrity of the investigation.

Franz Manderson, Acting Governor
Matthew Forbes, Head of the Governor’s Office

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  1. I took my afternoon nap today , and I dreamed that the petition was completed and had over 35 thousand signatures, and anonymous said that it was forwarded , and we waited and waited for the Governor to return, and he didn’t show up .
    Someone got the courage to ask Mr Manderson and Mr McLaughlin about the petition, and their reply was I don’t know anything about a petition, because they didn’t launch any petition to have the Governor reinstated,
    When I woke up and went to the computer and went to Cayman Compass online , I found that Mr. Manderson had written this letter bullying the public .

  2. Who gave Mr. Forbes the power to sign or make any decisions on matters in the governor house ? I would have thought that anything that had to be said or done in that house , would’ve had been said/done by the head of the house, not heads . Have we ever seen any statement/letter put out from the Governor, signed by the and the AG ?