Letter – Port proposal puts cart before the horse

The proposed port is the cart; a breakwater is the horse. Nothing points out the foolishness of putting the cart before the horse as the recent Northwester which inundated South Church Street with water and would inundate any piers with water.

George Town and the harbor must be protected by a breakwater which stretches into the Caribbean. The best site for the breakwater is Pageant Beach. This has been known at least since 1999 when Davidt Burditt was the Port Authority engineer.

David was a world-class port engineer who had worked around the world. He was unceremoniously fired for raising the objection to the Royal Watler cruise terminal that, without a breakwater, the pier would be damaged by every Northwester. What did he know? We, as a people, don’t listen to advice from individuals who actually have some real–world experience worth listening to.

We have been discussing George Town revitalization since 2004, just after Hurricane Ivan. We should have been looking then, and should continue to look now, at building residential condominiums on prime real estate, such as the Tower Building site, which has been sitting empty since 2004.

George Town will not be revitalized by cruise ship passengers; it would be revitalized by people living in George Town who want to be within walking distance of the offices in which they work.

Residents would encourage the opening of restaurants and bring life to an after-hours dead zone.

Paul Simon