Letter: What about the eastern districts?

For more than 40 years we have built up George Town and West Bay, not only with banks but with all the rest that the eastern districts do not have.

For example, central Bodden Town still does not have a bank or an ATM. We still do not have a boat dock at Coe Wood Beach, which was promised by Jim Bodden and all the others since he was elected.

When it comes to helping towns, the elected representatives who are not part of our voting block will do anything to keep us back. If this is a government of national unity, then make sure you use that “unite” part to help the East.

We need tourist dollars, too – that will help our lives be better. We need investors, too, for us to upgrade our way of life.

A lot of our people are losing the chance to have a wonderful life. Many of them have lost happiness in Cayman because of bad leadership. We must do better. You can have all the money in the world, but if your people are not happy, it is of no good.

It is easy to promise, spend a little money, give away some food and drinks and get elected. But before you get elected, you already should have a good plan of how to help your people and these islands, not when you get in the LA.

For some time now, our elected members have been wandering around like lost sheep at play. They have forgotten they are our servants. They are not put there in that house to be against the rights of our people or to make life hard for our people. Our own government must not fight us.

I took great interest in the issue of the Peanuts liquor license. What is going on? Peanut is a Caymanian. One of our best, for he invests his money here with us in Cayman.

I speak for all Caymanians who invest their hard-earned money on this, our island home, when I say government must help us to uplift, give us the tools to help better our people. To Peanuts – hat’s off to you. Keep up the good work.

Emile S. Levy

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