Leisure spending down

More than half of the respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll say they are cutting down on leisure spending and dining out as a way to meet Cayman’s rising costs of living.

Of the 368 total respondents, 185 (50.3 per cent) said they have had to limit their leisure spending.

‘I changed my standard of living significantly,’ said one person. ‘I no longer take my family to eat out every weekend, but rather stay at home and make specials for a quarter of the cost.’

‘I don’t eat out and I still barely pay my bills,’ said someone else. ‘Food at the shops is expensive enough.’

Sixty-seven respondents (18.2 per cent) said they were consuming less; 54 (14.7 per cent) said there was nothing they could do about the cost of living; and 41(11.1 per cent) said they were working more.

‘My family and I have relocated to a cheaper rental house,’ said a respondent. ‘Adjustments have been made to our lifestyle and I try to work a few hours extra every day. Still we’re finding it hard.’

The cost of living is also having an effect on expatriate workers.

‘I’m moving out of Cayman,’ said one respondent. ‘As an expat, it is clear that I am not welcome here by the government. Why should I pay extra to stay if I’m going to be rolled over anyway?’

‘We left the island to return to the States,’ said another respondent. ‘It got way too expensive to live there.’

Other expatriates are sticking it out.

‘I’ve been lucky enough – as an ex-pat – to be granted the right to take on a second job; a necessity in order to stay in this country I love,’ said a respondent.

Tourists also commented on Cayman’s cost of living in the poll.

‘We are no longer vacationing in the Cayman Islands,’ said one person. ‘It is far too expensive for the value received.’

Twenty-one people (5.7 per cent) said the cost of living does not really affect them.

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