Graduates, drive safely

For the past three, four or even more years a graduate is killed because of speed.

This is within months or even weeks of walking across that stage. It is now our turn to fill the space of seniors, and be the group who will be graduating if we have not already done so.

We have all heard the stories and felt the pain of losing another of the young people in our generation.

Our friend, the person we used to see in school or just someone we heard about.

But no matter what we considered them as, they were one of us and now they are gone. We are next in line and thankfully we have not lost any in our year group.

There is NO EXCUSE. You may say ‘I don’t even have my license yet and I can drive better than some of those out there now’ or ‘they couldn’t handle their speed’, but no matter what you say you could be the next one to go. And this isn’t just for the boys, it’s for girls too.

So let’s rise to the challenge and all make it to our 10-year high school reunion. If we don’t make it, don’t let it be because of something that our parents would be ashamed to say like we were in a car accident, let it be something worth dying over.

A life is something that you can never get back and never valued until it it’s gone. But let’s be the year group that truly understands what life is about, being successful and making it in the real world.

If you want to see us ALL of make it, let all the graduates of 2007 read this. John Gray, St. Ignatius Catholic, Cayman Prep, Triple C, Wesleyan Christian Academy, Cayman International School, and of course Cayman Brac High.

See you in 10 years.

Tracy Rankine – John Gray