Mr. Pineau on subcommittee

Mr. Wil Pineau has been appointed chairman of the Economic Continuity Sub-committee of the National Hurricane Committee.

The NHC Economic Continuity Sub-Committee is expected to play an integral role in guiding businesses in preparing and recovering from natural disasters, states a press release, states a press release.

Mr. Pineau is the chief executive officer of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, a position he has held since 1994.

In a letter formalising the appointment, Deputy Chief Secretary and Chairman of the NHC Donovan Ebanks said the Economic Continuity sub-Committee is expected to provide an effective communication link among the business community, the NHC and the Cayman Islands Government as a whole. It is also expected to facilitate the effective management by businesses of the risks posed by hurricanes.

He said the sub-committee will be charged with developing an appropriate plan to help businesses prepare for and maintain continuity of operations in the event of a natural disaster.

The NHC, which has been operational for about 20 years and has 17 sub-committees, operates in conjunction with the new Hazard Management Cayman Islands agency, which is responsible for the coordination of all responses to hazards significantly affecting the Islands.

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