Summer camps too expensive

Every year I have had the pleasure of sending my children to Rehobeth Ministries Summer Camp.

I understand that this year there will be no camp.

This ministry and the organisers have been integral at supporting our community in many areas. It is a loving, caring and safe environment for our children.

I am sad to learn this will not be available this year.

In the hunt for an alternative summer camp for my children, I have found that only the rich can provide this for their kids this year.

A single working parent cannot afford $300 per week (or more) for the camps being offered at the Ritz or Boatswain Beach. What happened to all the affordable camps that we used to have? Once again Cayman caters to the haves. What do we do with our children for the summer?

The districts are not offering a camp at this time either. I am just mystified at the lack of affordable options we have for our children and how they will spend the summer. What is a caring mother to do?

A. Bodden

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