Summertime and fun

Summer is here and it’s time for kids to explore, bike, hike, run around and be free.

The question faced by many parents is what to do with youngsters to achieve these results.

Summer can be a fun and exciting time for youngsters and a stress free environment for parents if they take just a few minutes to work out a summer plan.

The question is what can you do to entertain kids that are bored?

Here are some helpful ideas to fill in those long summer days.

Nature walk – Sit and draw the animals; figure out what they’re doing. Find out names of Cayman indigenous plants; research what each plant is used for and how to preserve them.

Go fishing – Every kid likes the idea of showing their first catch to friends. Make sure to take a camera along so they can record those precious moments. Make them learn how to clean and cook the fish.

Biking is another adventure trip to take. Pack a small backpack with water, snacks and drinks and hit the dirt roads. Kids, be careful on the main roads during early and late morning commute and always wear a helmet and safety pads.

Spend time with parents, guardians or friends and learn the trade of carpentry, plumbing, electrical or masonry. Learn how the work is done from professionals or join dad to learn a thing or two. Take photos and draw the different old and new buildings around Cayman.

Start a collection – there are thousands of things such as insects, marbles, bugs, coins, leaves, rocks and buttons, for youngsters to collect.

Go bird watching and record and catalog information on various types of birds, flowers, animals, and insects. What better way to learn more about science than from hands on experience.

Museums tell a lot about our history so visit the museum with your kids and have youngsters pick out favourite art pieces. Even do a research on the artist.

Visit the public libraries – they have many great things going on all summer long. Summer reading clubs are a great place for resources and research. And they usually have air conditioning and snacks on those very hot summer days.

Also don’t forget about hiking. Hit those trails and start walking. Find some trails that you’ve never been on before. Pick fruits such as mangoes, guavas, guineps, tamarind, sea grapes, also find out the names of other fruits that you might not know.

Community service work is also a good way to make others proud and give you a mighty tap on the back. Pick up litter in a park or contact someone to find out where they would need help that the whole family could get involved in.

Work on a skit or play with your neighborhood kids. Plan out a stage and costumes and invite the rest of the neighborhood for the production.

Visit the Agriculture Department in Lower Valley. – See all the local and foreign plants they have for sale. Ask questions to find out how various plants, insects and animal diseases are treated. Also learn how to plant and take care of a plant.

Pay a visit to the elderly in homes or visit one in your neighborhood. These senior citizens are always happy to see young ones and will tell you all about where you came from, your local history, how to bake a cake and how to make a delicious pot of fish rundown.

Also learn how to cook and bake by following recipes. Enjoy the reward of eating what you made.

Write letters to friends and family; especially if they don’t have email.

Play a game – there are many great board games and physical games such as marbles, skipping spinning gig, hunting for crabs, fruit hunting, and bicycle riding.

Clean the house or organise a room. Be sure to reward youngster for all their hard work.

Plan a vacation or trip. Research together the area that you’ll be going and get feedback as to what everyone would like to see. Give them a journal and have them write down what they did that day. When they go back the following year and read it they’ll remember certain events with fond memories.

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