Lighthouse School students recognised

Three special students made educators proud when they recently graduated from the Lighthouse School.

Whynike Ebanks, Shane McKenzie and John Wright were each encouraged to continue to develop their skills.

Other students were also acknowledged for their hard work and perseverance by Acting Principal Carla Bodden.

In her address she said she hoped the community would give the graduates the chance to prove themselves, stating they were highly motivated, happy and eager to learn.

She also said they had gained significant progress in areas of communication, reading, social skills, physical education and the arts.

In the areas of teaching and learning she said the goal was improving methods of assessment and looking at how they could be more effective in monitoring students’ progress and achievements.

‘Our inclusion and integration programme continues to grow. This year saw the successful partnership of students going into mainstream school. Our parents continue to be very supportive and the Home School Association attendance has increased by over 100 per cent.’

Ms Bodden said the school continues to face some problems and she appealed to government and the community for funding.

These issues were the replacement of the air-conditioning system, which has given endless problems since Hurricane Ivan, additional funding for equipment such as wheelchairs, standers and the reinstatement of the Critical Life Skills Teacher’s post.

Ms Bodden said it takes approximately $100,000 per year to meet these needs.

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