Susan Pereira praise deserved

It is good that Susan Barnes Pereira was recognised by the award-winning journalist Guy Harrison who noted that despite seeing Michael Jordan, Jerry Price and Michael Johnson in their prime ‘No athlete in the world ever moved with more strength and grace than Susan Pereira on 23 June 2007.’

Susan Barnes Pereira is one of the most inspiring artists in the Cayman Islands today not only because her art is uplifting, inspiring, beautiful, original and of excellent quality but more importantly because her character has the same outstanding qualities.

Whether intentional or not, Susan Barnes Pereira seems to embody the well-known five simple rules for happiness: free your heart from hatred, free your mind from worries, live simply, give more, expect less.

This is how she is overcoming her battle with breast cancer; this is why she has been such a pleasure to work with as a fellow artist over the past few years; this is why she deserves this incredible article and needs to be shared with everyone in Cayman.

Her character is as beautiful, as outstanding, as her art form.

Joining only a few other strong icons of our contemporary Caymanian culture, Susan Barnes Pereira is one to watch.

Nancy Barnard– Director National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

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