Cayman enshrining homophobia

Ostensibly based on a premise that’s not even true, the plans to define marriage in heterosexual terms are simply plans to enshrine homophobia in law.

Cayman Islanders will come to regret this in future, just as those in benighted US states will do.

In fact, scientifically measured US public opinion is shifting in favour of equal rights for same-sex couples despite the wave of marriage-defining homophobic constitutional amendments passed in the states during the past five years.

The false premise on which Caymanian plans are supposedly based: that civil unions ‘have been used in many countries around the world to allow homosexual couples to receive the same benefits’ as heterosexual couples.

This is untrue.

Civil unions exist in only a handful of countries and US states and lamentably they usually don’t carry the same benefits or responsibilities as marriage. Actual, virtually equal same-sex marriage is allowed in only five countries plus Massachusetts.

The Caymans are under no threat.

Gay Caymanians are under a threat – the threat of further official homophobia that has already kept many from visiting the islands.

Likewise, marriage is under no attack. People are simply seeking the equal benefits of marriage for themselves. This should be lauded, not condemned.

William B. Kelley

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