FirstCaribbean seeks Unsung Heroes

FirstCaribbean International Bank is once again looking to spotlight modest people for selfless contributions to the community through its Unsung Heroes programme.

Nominated candidates must be individuals who are dedicated beyond the ordinary toward social improvement, must be a Caribbean citizen or resident for at least five years, must not have a high media profile, must be willing to have their cause profiled in regional media; must not seek directly to promote any religious movement; and must be apolitical.

This criterion was highlighted by Unsung Heroes Associate Director Compliance and Country Co-ordinator Elvis Coward during a dinner reception at Casanova Restaurant Monday evening.

Nomination forms can be found through and must be completed by 28 July. The winner or winners will receive presentations during First Caribbean’s anniversary in October.

These heroes will be selected from entries submitted by people in the community who elect sending the names based on their knowledge of the work of these people.

The heroes will receive a gift from the bank and their individual causes benefited from a donation of US$5,000 each.

The names of these individuals are then submitted to a regional panel where they are added to the pool of winners from 16 other countries in which FirstCaribbean operate and are considered for the title of regional hero.

If the candidate is successful at the regional level a further donation of US$7,500 is made to the individual’s cause.

Regional runners up will benefit from an additional donation of US$5,000.

FirstCaribbean International Bank first launched the Unsung Heroes programme in 2003; the aim was to be a strong corporate partner that recognised the importance of celebrating the best of humanity.

The three chosen Unsung Heroes for 2005-06 are Mavis Williams, Susan Whittaker and Alice Jackson. For over 35 years Ms Williams assisted with foster children, Ms Whittaker worked with special needs children for over 15 years and Ms Jackson assisted a mentoring programme for young mothers and elderly in the community.

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