UCCI students lead the way

Two University College of the Cayman Islands students recently represented their country at the University of the West Indies Development Seminar for Aspiring Leaders in the Caribbean.

Leadership delegates

Leadership delegates, from left, Du?t Berry and Mellesha Chisholm with UCCIs Heather-Ann Cahill. Photo: Submitted

The annual seminar, which ran from 25-29 June, took place at the UWI’s Mona Campus in Jamaica, states a press release.

Du?t Berry and Mellesha Chisholm were selected by the UCCI’s Council of Chairs based their on grades, leadership skills, community involvement, character, personality and peer opinion.

According to both students the seminar had been an incredible opportunity where they learned how important communication and cooperation would be to them in future life.

Du?t, a fulltime student at UCCI and an intern at UBS, said that the conference was all about whom, and how the Caribbean of the future would be led. He added that the conference had brought together an inspiring group of young people who had much to share with each other and was impressed by the delegates he had worked with.

‘On a personal level, I met a lot of really intelligent people that can do many things. It was interesting to interact with students who brought a different perspective to the things we were discussing. Based on the people I met with, it looks like the future of the Caribbean is in safe hands,’ Du?t added.

During their six-day visit both Du?t and Mellesha faced an intense agenda that involved numerous workshops and speakers as well as team presentations and research.

‘I thought the seminar was extremely informative and we learned some valuable lessons during the sessions,’ said Mellesha, who graduates this week from UCCI and is already working full-time as a senior accountant at Maples Finance.

Both students agreed that working alongside their regional peers was educational and inspirational.

‘As Caymanians, when we are given an opportunity such as this to interact and work alongside our peers in the region, we realise how much we have in common and how important it is to work together. Unity is strength and we must co-operate to build a successful future for the Caribbean,’ added Mellesha.

The UCCI students both agreed that the conference had been an incredible opportunity for them to learn more about leadership and share the experiences.

Deputy Registrar (Academic) Heather-Ann Cahill noted that the conference had been important not just for the students or UCCI, but for the Cayman community at large.

‘It is important for UCCI to demonstrate that it is nurturing talent and we are very keen to encourage students to reach their full potential. Above all however, it is important to our community as a whole that our young people become involved in such projects as we must grow our own future leaders,’ she said.

Both delegates left the session with certificates of graduation, as well as more knowledge and experience that they both hope to put to good use in Cayman.

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