Setting the record straight

We would like to set the record straight in response to an article published in Cayman Net News dated June 29, 2007, headline ‘Real estate office reopens at Rum Point after legal battle’.

This was a piece of inaccurate reporting.

Mr. Mikol Dise, CEO of Cayman Kai Development makes it sound like he won the case. That is not correct. His case was lost in the Grand Court and he had appealed the decision of the Grand Court.

Prior to the appeal being heard his lawyers approached the Cayman Kai Property Owners Association for a possible settlement. After serious negotiations the parties agreed to the following:

• The appeal is withdrawn and the legal costs for the appeal will be paid to CKPOA by Cayman Kai Development.

• The judge’s original order stands, which means that Cayman Kai is considered a scheme of development, restrictive covenants are enforceable and that the architectural committee will now be selected by all property owners.

Some of the lots still owned by Cayman Kai Land Holdings (Mikol Dise) will have restrictive covenants placed on them.

CKPOA agreed to allow North Coast Resort Management to use the property located on Block 33B/52 (old Rainbow Connection) in substantially the same manner as prior to the granting of the injunction. Furthermore, a number of other restrictions have been placed so that the business cannot be expanded or transferred. Restrictive covenants remain in effect on that property.

In other words, we won back the restrictive covenants that Mikol Dise’s father, Mr. Don Dise, placed on the residential properties many years ago.

On another note, Mr. Mikol Dise and CKV Development are now attempting to turn the old Cayman Kai Resort property into four story condos. That property 33C parcel 9 is designated Boutique Hotel by the Cayman Islands Development Plan of 1997. It is against the Go East plan of the government to limit opportunities for commercial growth. Yet it is before Planning at this very moment.

The whole Island needs it as a destination that the people of Grand Cayman can still have access too. Every resident of North Side and many other districts remember the good times at Cayman Kai Resort. We want the Development Plan of 1997 to be recognised.

The Department of Planning website says we have a Community Consultation Programme in effect in 2007, yet we have not been heard. If you feel strongly that Cayman Kai Resort should come back as a Boutique Hotel, with bar and restaurant facilities, please voice your opinion to the Planning office before 25 July and attend the meeting.

Call 769-7526 Block 33C Parcel 9.

Bob Hill – Chairman, Cayman Kai Property Owners Association

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