Today’s Editorial July 24: For sale vehicle owners warned

Sellers of used cars are going to have to get more creative in their efforts to unload their unwanted vehicles.

As of tomorrow, all for sale vehicles parked along a stretch of West Bay Road across from the Treasure Islands resort will be towed away.

Government has been making the threat for months.

Now it’s getting serious after determining the cars are actually being illegally parked on Crown land.

No parking signs have been put up and the tow truck is on standby.

We agree that Crown land shouldn’t be used as a place to park and sell vehicles.

But we admit that having for sale vehicles in one spot made it easier for people who are looking for second-hand transportation.

All they had to do was drive down West Bay Road, take a look at the vehicles, write down the number and make a call to learn more about the car, truck, jeep or SUV for sale.

Of course we contend the best way to sell a used vehicle is to call the Caymanian Compass and place a classified advertising.

But we digress.

Planning is addressing how privately owned land can be used. Maybe land should be designated in each district for people wishing to park their vehicles and offer them for sale.

It’s a practice done in other parts of the world that has proven successful. Those trying to unload their used vehicles would pay a nominal fee for the use of the land, which could be a small revenue generator for Government.

We’re not suggesting Government get in the used vehicle business or compete with used car sellers. All it would be doing is providing the site.

If you don’t heed Government’s warning and find yourself with a towed vehicle come Wednesday, don’t fret too much.

You will be able to get your vehicle back, but it will cost you.

You’ll have to pay for the expenses incurred in removing and storing the vehicle. After all, come Wednesday any for sale vehicle on Crown property will be deemed litter.

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